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Friday’s Moment #1

on July 25, 2008

Friday MomentMy good friend Cat has been helping me today learn how to make a PSP Script – for non PSP users this is similar to an action. Without further babble I will show you the results of my lesson today!! 🙂

This is BEFORE my POP SCRIPT was added

 This is the photo AFTER my POP SCRIPT was added!

 Nothing overly drastic … just a little POP to make the picture really stand out 🙂 The second thing that Cat was teaching me was how to SHARE this script with all of you!! Or those of you that use PSP anyways!! 😉


If you decide to download it please be kind and leave me a comment – and better yet I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see any layouts that you do using the script!! Be sure to drop me off a link here if you do!! That’s it for today’s Moment #1 – since I’m not working today there will likely be at least one more moment for the day!


3 responses to “Friday’s Moment #1

  1. Cat says:

    Look at you go! I wub you!

  2. myoldanlac says:

    Thanks baby … you are my inspiration!! 🙂

  3. nanasdinky says:

    Thank you so very much for the script! Cant wait to try it out!!

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