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Friday’s Moment

on August 1, 2008

Friday’s Moment … so I missed my first blog post in a week yesterday … it was a crazy day and then when I tried to get on quickly last night I couldn’t get into wordpress!! 😦 It’s been a long week … gah!! Lacey got a concussion in Wednesday night’s soccer game. Which resulted in a trip to the hospital for about 3 hours YUCK!! She’s doing ok … but still has bouts of dizziness and headpains!  I have worked everyday this week so far … and still have 2 more to go!! Tomorrow is my little Keisha’s 1st Birthday – where the heck does the time go???

I started a 21 day challenge with Kat and some other insane digi-scrappers today. My challenge is to increase my water intake each day – I’m a caffeine addict … but I must start drinking more water. Today has been tough … because i have a pretty hardcore headache – from not consuming as much caffeine as usual. I did manage to drink 128 oz of water today while at work though!! 🙂 I am having a coffee right now as I type this though …cause the headache was getting too intense.

I have been  hosting some chats at Oscraps this week … and have done a few layouts. It’s time now for the layout parade!! LOL!! 🙂

Frame : Chippy Frames by Debra Tope
Jewels : Swirlys by Blythe Evans
Everything else from Danielle Young Designs

Paper, Prongs,Paint Stroke
from Sweet Tropics
Fabric Flower
from Fushia and Fango
Paper Flower, Grass and Sun
from Chickadee
Bubble Stamp
from Designer Spotlight (freebie) Bubbles
all sold at www.oscraps.com


Everything from Spring Fling August Oscraps Collab
coming AUGUST 1st!!

One response to “Friday’s Moment

  1. cat74 says:

    Oooh (((hugs))) to Lacey, I hope her head gets better!

    DUDE, Krista with less coffee in her system, can we take it??? ROFL!!

    Great challenge, I will back you in this one, although I might step right back with a crash helmet on, I know you and your coffee addiction this might hurt a bit!!!

    Love you baby!

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