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Monday’s Moments

on August 4, 2008

Monday’s Moment … today we celebrated Keisha’s First Birthday with family and friends!! Ohhh what a day! Peter’s brother and Sister-in-law came from Toronto, our friends Kurt & Catherine with their twins William and Susan came from Aurora, along with friends from here in town, my lifelong friend Sherrie and her husband Daryl along with their 3 children. My brother and his girlfriend also stopped over for a bit as well. 

Thankfully the weather held off nicely, just a slight sprinkling of rain this afternoon while we were husking the corn, but it ended almost as quickly as it began and the sun did come out again with a vengence! The kids all swam, played, ate and considering there were 10 of them here were quite merry!! 🙂 I will post pictures tomorrow … once I have time to touch some of them up a bit … but I will post one now 😉

21 day challenge … ugh … I didn’t do as well today with my water … but I did manage to get 64 ounces in!!


One response to “Monday’s Moments

  1. nina says:

    a happy birthday to sweetie keisha my dear!
    can´t wait to see all the pics!

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