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Wednesday’s Moment

on August 6, 2008

Wednesday’s Moment … ugh another long day!! LOL!! Story of my life really don’t ya think? I didn’t have to work today because Lacey’s team had a game – and because the girls are in dance camp this week – I can’t work during the day since I don’t have a sitter for the little girls. My that was a bunch of rambling bubbling goo now wasn’t it!! HA! Today was cleaning lady day … woooot woooot wooot LOVE it!! I still don’t have a picture of my new hair … cause the camera is still at the studio TOMORROW!! LOL!!

On a positive note today … we have made some progress with Lacey — FINALLY!! We had a good talk last night with a friend of ours who is a chiropractor – about Lacey’s condition (she sees him on a regular issue for recurring back issues anyways) – his daughter also plays on Danielle’s soccer team. I took Lacey to see him today – he did some X-Rays to make sure that she didn’t have anything broken or fractured in her neck prior to adjusting her – he also did some standard neurological tests – having her follow a pen with just her eyes and tracing the pen along her face to make sure she could feel it. Both of these tests proved that she thankfully has no neurological damage – and the XRays showed that there was no fracture or breaks. THANK GOD!! The X Rays did however show that her 2nd vertibrae was tilted to the left quite a bit, thus causing pressure on her brain stem, which could be affecting her dizziness, nausea and headaches. So, we decided to go ahead with the adjustment, and immediately afterwards you could see a noticeable difference in her. WOOT!!! He also did a cranial (spelling??) adjustment – which she said felt AMAZING!! hehehe! This doesn’t necessarily mean that she is completely out of the woods yet … but we should now be able to tell whether she is suffering from POST-concussion symptoms or just a simple alignment problem. She is going to go to dance tomorrow morning and do a one on one stretch  with one of the teachers to see how she fairs. It will be a low impact stretch to test the waters. If that goes well, I will take her again on Friday for an adjustment and then let her go again to dance and do a higher impact stretch session or a light jog. Then Saturday she will attempt to do some one on one drills with cones and a ball weaving in and out to see how that goes, if that goes well, then Sunday she will be cleared to attempt a light practice with the team. To then hopefully have her able to play again by next Wednesday and if not Wednesday then by the weekend for her tournament. If all of these things aren’t able to happen then we are back to square one and just waiting it out until things settle some more. Please pray that she this adjustment was the thing she needed and will be able to get back to normal soon!!

On that note … I’m going to go and work on a little freebie for tomorrow and then hit the hay!! 21 day water challenge … I only managed about 48 ounces of water today … but nonetheless did drink some!! 🙂

In Daddy’s Footsteps

3 responses to “Wednesday’s Moment

  1. katg1006 says:

    Wow that’s fabulous about Lacey!!! Fingers crossed!! What a cutie pie photo that is!! I see a layout coming soon! 🙂

  2. CAtherine says:

    So glad that Lacey is feeling better!

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