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Thursday’s Moment

on August 8, 2008

Thursday’s Moment … wow … the day is almost over and I’m just getting to my blogging!! 🙂 But nonetheless I’m here!! Today was a great day … Lacey was able to go to the studio and do a light stretch with Ms. Meghan … NO DIZZINESS … and NO HEADACHE!! WOOT!! I think she is in the clear!! THANK YOU GOD!!! I worked tonight … nothing new or exciting there!! Other than … word of advice DO NOT get Vinegar in your eye it STINGS!! LOL!! 🙂

I would like to do a little plug here for a couple of AMAZING ladies, that I am proud to call my friends!! Jodie McNally and Kara (MommySpice), Jodie is a designer at Oscraps and she has created a fabulous selection of wordarts for Kara as a fundraising project for Kara’s running team. Kara and her team are running a marathon for Cancer research. Please check out Kara’s team blog for all the details!!

To pick up Jodie’s fabulous wordart click on the image above to go directly to her store at Oscraps.

WATER WATER WATER WATER CHALLENGE! Today … 64oz!! **rolling eyes**

One response to “Thursday’s Moment

  1. jodie says:

    awww, thanks, dude! you rule! 🙂

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