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Sunday Moments

on August 10, 2008

Sunday Moments … today was a great day – I didn’t get out of bed until 12:00!! **faint** What a lovely feeling to be able to sleep until your heart’s content!! LOL!! Actually I was up at 7:30 … but I told Peter to send Mya downstairs with Lacey and her girlfriend so we could go back to bed!! Peter and I went grocery shopping – our weekly CHORE!! LOL!! Do any of you have any idea what it’s like shopping for 7 people?? GAH … it’s a freaking chore that’s for sure!! But we have it down to a science and can get it done if we motor in under an hour. 😉

Then Peter had to line a soccer game – so I went with him just to sit and watch, again another enitre 90 minutes of kid-free time!! WOW!! We came home and made dinner and then it was off to soccer practice. LOL … what would my life be like I wonder without soccer practice or dance classes??

Danielle and Olivia are going to dance camp again this week – which will make the week easier on Lacey for babysitting because she will only have to deal with Mya and Keisha while I’m at work. I’m working Tuesday-Friday this week and then next weekend the girls are in a soccer tournament here in town.

I have been working on making more wordart – I would really like to start designing but have a long long long way to go. LOL .. but one must start somewhere!! 😉 On that note … it’s almost time for the Sunday Edition of Freebie Alert!! 🙂

Pictures scourtesy of Auntie Anna-Lyn from Keisha’s first birthday!

4 responses to “Sunday Moments

  1. katg1006 says:

    Awww Krista those photos are the sweetest!! 🙂

  2. so cutealicious!

    i have no idea how you do it in one hour. i go just for me and it takes me like 40 minutes…you are a PRO!!!!

  3. myoldanlac says:

    Well yes dear I am!! 🙂 HA!

  4. Auntie Anna-Lyn says:

    Hey there, I made your wordpress site. How cool is that?

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