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Friday’s Moments

on August 15, 2008

Friday’s Moments … and ohhh are there some moments!! LOL!! The following blurb is copied from a post I made to my Fellow CheeryO’s this week!! 🙂

we have soccer coming out of our zing zangs lol … we are in the final stretch only about a month left … but the end is always the toughest. Peter ref’d on Monday … Tuesday Nellie game (out of town) … tonight Lacey game (first game back … so I’m sick to my stomach) .. Thursday both girls have practice … Friday Peter plays … plus I have a meeting at 7pm for field marshalling … Saturday Danielle has 2 games …. Lacey has 3 games … I have 8 hours of field marshalling to do …. Sunday Danielle has at least one game and then depending on what happens in the tournament – if either of the girls make it to semi finals or finals … yeah anyways you get my point. I’m up the creek without a paddle this week!!

So that gives y’all a rough idea of where I’m at!! 🙂 The bags are all packed and the girls are in bed resting up for their big day!! 🙂 I have a little giftie to post so I’m going to get at that now!! 🙂


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