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Saturday,Sunday, Monday & Tuesday MOMENTS

on August 19, 2008

Saturday Moment – Saturday morning started for Peter and I at 6:00am … up shower and then off to the soccer pitch to field marshall. Peter’s shift was from 7:15 – 10:15 and mine was from 7:15 – 11:15 … then it was off to Danielle’s first game at 11:40 – which ended in a 0-0 tie. Then it was off to Lacey’s first game at 12:40, which ended 2-0 for us!! We had a short break at this point before Danielle’s next game at 3:10 which ended in a 5-0 loss for the girls. OUCH! Off to Lacey’s next game at 4:30 – another win 2-0!! GOOO LACEY 2 shutouts – the girls had a hour break before their third game of the day starting at 6:30pm which ended in a 2-2 tie … good enough to secure the under 16 team a place in the semi-finals on Sunday!!

Sunday Momemts – this was our first conflict of the weekend with the girls – Danielle’s 3 game started at 9:10 and Lacey’s semi-final game started at 9:30 – Peter went with Lacey’s team (since he’s the only coach), and I stayed and watched Danielle’s 3rd game – to which they lost again 4-0 😦 My poor Danielle did not have a great weekend … mind you neither did her team as they failed to score a goal all throughout the tournament. UGH!! We made it over to Lacey’s game in time for the 2nd half …. to find the score tied 1-1 … as the mother of a goalie this is NOT what you want to see in the 2nd half of a semi-final game because if the game ends in a tie – they play 2 – 5 minute halves and if there is still no score – it’s onto the shootout. UGH!!! Which is where we ended up – and unfortunately lost. 😦 Lacey was pro-star in the net though she saved 2 of the shots and got a piece of the others – however her teammates failed to put their shots in the net. The girls played an absolutely INCREDIBLE game and had nothing to hang their heads about. After this game we had a short break before heading over to Danielle’s semi-final (they made it in by virture of one goal) … their result unfortunately was not great with a 4-0 loss again.

Monday Moments – normally Monday is cleaning lady day – so the girls and I were up and out of the house by 8:15am – only to find out around 11 … that yeah my Mom failed to let me know that she wasn’t coming … I wanted to DIE!! Lacey is babysitting all this week here at home (except Monday) because of the cleaning lady so she was at Sherrie’s house with the kids – so I took the 3 little girls over to Lacey while Danielle and I went and cleaned the van – and then Danielle went off to the dog groomers with Porkee. Lacey kept the girls for a couple of hours while I came home and cleaned the house from top to bottom in about 2 hours. UGH … I really hate cleaning … love the end result but damn I was tired yesterday. I just wanted to hang out and do nothing. No rest for the wicked though as they say!! After I picked the 3 little girls up from Lacey – I brought them home and put them all to bed so I could start to make dinner before SOCCER!! We left the house at 6:00 pm on route to Mount Forest for an 8:30pm game with Lacey’s team. OHHHH What a game!! HA! We drove through a dozzie of a storm with intense rain and lightening. Actually we were almost struck by lightening in the van … VERY VERY scary!! UGH!!!! The girls on Lacey’s team were in NO way shape or form into the game last night. They were playing the 12th place team (out of 12) LOL!! Let’s just say it was a comedy of errors to say the least … they won 6-5!! HA!! I also managed to lock the keys in the van — NIIIIIIIIIIICE!! Thank God for soccer dad’s with CAA!! πŸ™‚

Tuesday Moments – and alas here we are to today – well it started with work at 8am – until 2:00 and then off to visit a friend … home for a shower and a quick bite to eat before we left with Danielle for her soccer game in Cambridge!! The girls are in a bit of a drought … 😦 They lost again tonight 2-0!! Danielle played a great game … but she can’t do it all – if her teammates don’t score it doesn’t matter how many saves she makes. So that brings us to NOW … and here I am!! πŸ™‚

One response to “Saturday,Sunday, Monday & Tuesday MOMENTS

  1. Sandra says:

    good grief, girl.. I was wondering where you were, but now I know… try to get some rest!

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