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Drive-by Monday Moments

on August 26, 2008

I’m going to do a speed version of our day … lol …. see if you can keep up!! HA!!

7:30am Wake Up

8:30am Everyone out of the house – CLEANING LADY DAY!! WOOT!!

9:00am Bank … McDonald’s for hashbrowns, hair appointment for Danielle & Olivia

9:30am pick Lacey up from soccer team sleepover – drop off twins to their house – take her for hair appointment

9:45-12:00 noon – Lacey, Danielle and Olivia get hair trimmed for back to school next week

12:00 – 12:30 – pick up some lunch for the girls

12:30-1:30 – take the girls for pictures – to go up at the diner

1:30 – 4:00 – nap time for Keisha, Mya, and Olivia – Lacey and Danielle tidy room , Danielle goes to visit next door neighbour who is moving out of town this weekend, Lacey computer time

4:00 – 5:00 – prepare dinner – chicken legs, boiled potatoes, BBQ’d Zuchinni

5:00- 6:00 – take Danielle to Exam Ballet Class, eat dinner, drop Peter off to referee

6:00 – 8:15 – pick Danielle up from Ballet, go watch Peter referee, pick Lacey up for Ballet Class

8:15-9:45 – hang out at dance studio waiting for Lacey to be done ballet

9:45 to now – bring Lacey home, have a coffee, chat with Peter, tell Lacey to go to bed, Peter goes to bed, I update my blog before heading off to bed for the night!! Ohhh I scrapped a layout for next weeks spotlight, check out what’s new at Oscraps, Facebook!!

So in a nutshell that was my day!! 😉 Before I head off to bed though I should tell you about this week’s Oscraps Spotlight ~~~

We’re doing the designer spotlight challenge a bit different this week….
So keep reading & then come and play with us!
With all of the little ones headed back to school – I just love the smell of new crayons – and watching as several friend’s children began kindergarten last week, well, it’s brought to mind everything that was fun during that first year of class.

Do you remember Show & Tell? Getting up in front of your classmates and talking about something “cool” and “fun” like your favorite stuffed bear, or the rock you like to keep in your pocket.

So, in honor of that spirit of fun…along with an “Oscraps” twist….here’s the plan for this week.

It’s time for an Oscraps Show & Tell!

1) Dig into your stash and create a layout (no specific theme – just have fun!) featuring some of your favorite Oscraps Designs.

2) Post the layout to the gallery (making sure to put a link in this thread).

3) In your post here, tell us why you love the kit/papers/elements/templates/word art (etc.) that you used.

That’s it. It’s your time to step in front of the class and shine! Tell us what you love about your Oscraps stash!

Who knows, there might be a treat in store for the “teacher’s pet….”

Also if you don’t have an Oscraps Stash – there is a great freebie section in the store find it HERE!!!


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