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Monday Moments

on September 8, 2008

Ugh it’s been a while since I have done a personal blog type posting … but it’s late now so I’m going to cheat and copy and paste from my Facebook page 😉

The Life of a Working Mom of 5

Monday September 8th

–> Wake up at approximately 6:30am – shower & get dressed
–> Wake up girls by 7:00am – showers & get dressed
–> 7:30-8:30 am breakfast, lunches, dance bags packed, little girls dressed and ready to take big girls to school (tomorrow 3 little girls are home Olivia has no school) — Peter leaves for work at 8:00
–> 8:30 — Danielle walks to school *weather permitting* otherwise I drive her … drive Lacey to school … this includes packing up all 3 little girls
–> 8:45am drop Lacey off at school – go get a coffee – come home with little girls
–> 9:00 – 9:15am get home with little girls … unload them from the van get them into the house … this is an accomplishment !! Set them up with something to do … either the Wii, play in the backyard *weather permitting*, coloring whatever, typically Keisha at this point is almost ready for a morning nap
–> 9:30 – 11:45am –tidy up from breakfast – sweep the livingroom, diningroom,front hall
Tomorrow I have to make hummus & bake muffins for the girls lunches for the week. (I was too lazy to do it all on Sunday)
Start to prepare dinner … Roast Pork, Red Potatos and Coleslaw
During this time I will likely change 3-4 diapers, kiss an injured child, make a bottle for Keisha for a nap, get snacks, sippy’s etc.
–> 11:30 start to make something for lunch for the little girls. Have them eating by 11:45 .
–> 11:45-12:30 Lunch time – feed Keisha lunch, set Olivia and Mya up with luncn and cartoons – clean up
–> 12:30-2:45 – Naptime **if I’m lucky all 3 girls sleep at the same time**,
Peter comes home from work at 1:00 for lunch until 1:30, so I normally have something ready for him to eat, make coffee, hopefully chat with him for a few minutes. He goes back to work, I will throw the roast in the oven around 2:00. Then I will tidy up from lunch, pack Danielle’s snacks and dinner for dance. Hopefully get sometime to come online to see what’s happening here
–>2:45 – time to get the girls up from their naps to go pick Lacey up from school, if this goes well getting them loaded into the van quickly I normally stop and grab a coffee on my way to get her from school, if it doesn’t, I stop after school to get it.
–>3:10 – pick Lacey up from school … bring her and the little girls home, if weather permits Danielle just walks home at 3:30
–>3:40 – Danielle and I will leave for the studio for the night
I work at the studio to help offset the cost of the girls dance classes –
Mondays I am there from 4pm – 8pm.
Danielle has 3 classes on Monday nights. Lacey has 4 classes on Monday. I made arrangements for someone to pick her up for class and then I will carpool their child home at 10pm.

Basically that’s how my week goes …

Except for Tuesday and Thursday night’s instead of being at the dance studio I’m at the diner working from 4-9pm.

Wednesday and Friday instead of having all the girls home in the morning, Olivia goes to school, Keisha and Mya go to the babysitters, while I go to work at the diner from 9 – 2:30, run home have a quick shower, pick Lacey up from school, the girls from the sitter, Danielle if needed from school and then it’s off to the studio until 8pm. Lacey will also have soccer practice on Wednesday night between her dance classes!! HA!!

The only night the girls don’t dance is Friday – but I’m at the studio.
Sundays none of them dance, but I will be working at the diner.
Saturday’s Lacey assists with dance from 8:30am – 11:30, I work at the studio from 8am – 12 noon, Olivia has 2 classes, Mya has one class, Danielle will have 2 classes plus her solo lesson, after dance is finished for the day I will be working at the diner from 1pm – 9pm.

Be sure to check back tomorrow …. to find out about Oscraps new spotlight!! 🙂

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