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Just Another Manic Monday

on October 20, 2008

Anyone remember that song by the Bangles back in the Ohhh hmmm 80’s?? GAH!! How freaking old am I?? LOL!! Needless to say that’s how I feel today Manic. I’m slipping into a bit of a funk again I think!! Good Lord when will that end I wonder??? SICK OF IT!! Needless to say I will ride it out as usual and be back to my spunky self in a day or two.

So, what should we talk about today?? The girls were all in good spirits this morning before school …. which is a nice change!! There wasn’t too much fighting and such as they all headed out the door, after I dropped Lacey off at school, Mya, Keisha and I went to get gas … only 98.7 a litre today WOOT!!! A hell of alot better than $1.33 a litre that’s for sure 😉 Then I had to go and deal with some stuff for the dance studio, getting the clothing orders ready for the holiday season!! 🙂 (pssst…. Auntie … if your reading this…. I have some Christmas gift ideas ) Now we are home just the 2 little girls and I along with the 3 dogs for the rest of the day. Then it’s off to the studio tonight … Danielle has classes, Lacey has classes, and I have to work at the studio.

I’m working on adding a new page to my blog … for all of my pictures 😉 Cause it’s alot easier to add them to slide.com then trying to add them all here on the main page everyday. 😉 

Oscraps is also having another amazing spotlight this week … Becky Vosburg is in the spotlight.

1) It’s an “Oscraps Costume Party!” – Create a “dressed-up” avatar to decorate your place in the Ozone. The winner of this challenge will receive a free kit of their choice from Becky’s store!

2) A “Spirit-filled” layout challenge. Create a layout using the word “Spirit” in it. It can be related to Halloween, Fall, or really anything. Let your O-Spirit shine bright through this challenge. The winner of this challenge will receive a $6 gifty code. Everyone that participates will receive a 50 percent coupon to Becky’s store.

3) There’s no tricks, just treats when you take part in Becky’s scavenger hunt for pieces of her mini kit. You’ll have to treat yourself to a look around the Oscraps forum and Becky’s product pages…Here’s a quick link to her store… (This challenge starts Wednesday!)

Here is the layout that I did for Becky’s Challenge

Background paper : Pretty Krafty Paper Pack
b-creative designs
Curl Paper & Sunflowers : Sunshine on my Window Kit
b-creative designs

Paper Tear – Vicki Stegall
Stitches – Blythe Evans

all sold at www.oscraps.com


One response to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. CAtherine says:

    ideas for Christmas?…send some my way please.

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