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September 8th, 2010

on September 8, 2010

Well let’s try this AGAIN!! See how many days I can consistently blog!! I normally start out strong and then it faded away quietly off into the sunset!!  LOL!! I guess I will just start with some of the basics, of the day to day life of a Mom of 5 little ladies, and what I did today 🙂 It’s been a fairly productive day actually. Once the big girls were off to school, the little girls and I, managed to get all the beds made, the morning shower towels all hung up, since NO one else seems to think this is a good thing to do!! LOL!! Both girls bedrooms re-tidied, breakfast dishes washed. The little girls then snuggled into the big girls bed, to watch Monsters Inc. This gave Me a little time to sip a hot coffee and play on the computer for a bit 🙂

The big girls, decided this morning before going to school that they were going to come home for lunch today, since I’m home, so I made some Chicken Fingers and fries for them, and also got supper in the crock pot, sweet and sour chicken balls and rice. So that will be already for Peter, to serve when he gets home from work at 5:00, I’m off to work at 4:00.

That’s about all for today’s insanity. I’m going to add a few pictures of some of the recent pages I have scrapped too 🙂 Be back soon … I hope!!

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