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Gratitude – Sept.23, 2010

on September 23, 2010

For those of  you that know me, even a little bit, know that I am a digital scrapbook addict. I have been blessed with the good fortune, of working with SOME of the BEST designers in the business. These women truly pour their heart and soul into their work and designing, their generosity is completely unmeasured, amazing. Their designs, file my hard-drive, the elements, papers, wordart, decorate the pages I create for my girls for their keeping to remember their memories of childhood. I will be forever grateful for their constant and willing giving to my being a better mom because I am preserving their memories. I have made alot of mistakes in the 17 years I have been a mom, but I know that as each day passes, I make significant steps in being a better person and a better mom.

Here are a couple of quotes I have come across in the past couple of days, that I would like to share with you all,

Don’t ever just not care.

You don’t need to worry about everything,

know everything, help everyone,

or even do anything about it,

but don’t catch yourself laughing it off

and saying you don’t care about any of it.

Things matter.

Tolerance is no virtue.

People don’t want to be tolerated;

they want to be respected.

“Show respect for EVERYONE!”

1Peter 2:17

I would like to thank TaylorMade Designs, FeiFei’s Stuff, Biograffiti, Merkeley Designs, EHStudios, All the Oscraps Designers, Vicki Stegall, and Joyce Paul, for the opportunity to work with you and create for you all!!

New from FeiFei's Stuff - Graffiti 1 & 2

Flashback - New kit - ONE LITTLE BIRD Designs

Flashback - One Little Bird Designs - Template - All Around by Biograffiti


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