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Life is Good!

on September 23, 2010

Again, with the late night blogging, I am going to have to figure out how to get to this earlier in the evening. But I’m excited to share a couple of things tonight, so I want to get it done before I wander off to la la land, otherwise I will lay in bed thinking about blogging. NOT GOOD!! HA HA HA!! The ladies from Oscraps and I have fallen into a wonderful nighttime routine, once the kids are all nestled into their beds, we get on our respective computers all around the world, hop onto Oscraps, yahoo, and scrap together. This is my life and to be 100% honest, I LOVE IT!! I love these ladies, whom I have never met in person, but that mean the world to me. It’s great fun!! We laugh together, vent, bitch, complain, whine, moan, tease, taunt, love, support each other all in the course of a simple computer chat. We know each other’s children, their names, their quirks, the dramas in their lives, just the same as we know our best-friends lives from high-school. Last night, Tuesday, Sally, Clara, Sara and I scrapped together, we did two layouts, well Sara only did one, cause she had to get to bed. Part way through the 2nd layout, all hell broke loose here in Stratford, the wind picked up out of nowhere, all of the sudden the wind was blowing violently outside, it was the strangest thing I have ever experienced, I mentioned this while chatting with the girls, within 5 minutes the power was out. HA, nice, being the absolute addict that I am, I lite a candle, closed the windows in the house, and returned to my laptop to finish my layout. I couldn’t post it, but heheheeh I did finish it!! 🙂 I waited for almost an hour for the power to come back on, but when the clock struck 2:15am, I knew I just needed to get to bed. I grabbed my iPhone, and sent a quick shout out to the ladies on facebook, just letting them know what happened, that no I had not just logged off and left them hanging. When I spoke to Sally, about this today, she then gave me the rest of the story. As my power went out and I was kicked out of the conference we were having, her internet went down, she’s in Texas, and Clara’s laptop battery died, she’s in North Carolina, within the blink of an eye, all three of us were disconnected.  WEIRD, must have been the full moon?? LOL!!!

Here is the first layout that we lifted last night: be sure to check out the original layout, click on lifted!!

Simply Sun

Papers,Flower, Leaf and Wordart – Simply.Springy by NinaScraps Designs
Frame, Dots (recolored), Butterfly (recolored), Birds – Sisters by NinaScraps Designs
Stamp – Sunkissed (recolored) – by NinaScraps Designs
all sold at Oscraps

Here is the 2nd layout we lifted, again lifted is a direct link to the original layout,

The Story Begins

Everything from :
Storyteller (a collaboration)
with One Little Bird and Paislee Press Designs
except for the stitching …. FeiFei’s Stuff – Pasterlia
sold at oscraps

And finally, tonight’s lift, I have to say this might be one of my FAVORITE layouts of mine, ever!!

This is Life

Background Papers : Storytellers by Paislee Press and One Little Bird Designs
Brown Flourishes : Autumn Flourish by TaylorMade Designs and Leora Sanford
Date Stamp: Essential Dates by Cinzia Loosemore Designs
Everything else from CELEBRATE LIFE by Cinzia Loosemore
everything sold at Oscraps

Thank you again, for reading and commenting!! Love and Good Night Krista


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