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Win a Guest Spot At MScraps

on October 18, 2010


Just by lifting one of the Featured Scrapper pages from her Mscraps gallery, you can win a guest CT spot for the whole of the Mscraps designers!!!


  • Must use 75% CURRENT Mscraps products.
  • Like with all “lifts” this lift must have some similar features to the original.
  • You must advise in the credits which page you lifted and the Featured Scrapper’s name (out of courtesy!)
  • Your lifted page must be from one of the Featured Scrappers Mscraps gallery during the current month.
  • You may lift as many pages from as many Featured Scrappers during that calendar month as you like.
  • Winner(s) will be announced during the first week of the following month.
  • HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the first four layouts I have done for this 😉


Featured Scrapper Lift - Tracy



Featured Scrapper Lift Tracy



Featured Scrapper - Jiruska



Featured Scrapper Lift - Jiruska


All credits for these layout can be found in my MScraps Gallery HERE!!

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