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Window of Sunshine

on October 24, 2010

Ohhhh … the sun is out … a slight window of sunshine in a world for grey and rain – this is the part of fall I dislike, the rain – it’s cold and damp and grey. In the spring when it rains, it’s warmer and the world is turning green so the rain is “tolerable”. But fall rain, is so blah and putting the world to sleep, waiting for winter to arrive. The winter brings a whole new world of opportunities, and although it’s cold, the world is bright again. Well, I’m awfully “thoughtful” this morning. HA!! I’ve just sent the girls outside on a walk with dogs, Peter is getting ready to leave for the grocery store, which means …. I GET QUIET TIME!!! Hot coffee, my computer, and quiet time, this is what Sunday mornings are meant to be!! So, I have been scrapping up a small storm again lately — so it’s time to share!! I love show and tell time!! HA HAHA

Featured Scrapper Lift - 4Noisy Boys

Here’s a layout for the MScraps Featured Scrapper lifts,  Tracy’s layout Boys and Dirt

Credits:Background Paper : Awakening by Joyce PaulOther Papers, Tag : Into The Blue by Joyce Paul Staples, Rope, Paint Splats : Darker Days by Joyce PaulWordart : Simply You by Anita Designs all sold at MScraps

Featured Scrapper Lift - 4 Nosiy Boys

Another layout for the Featured Scrapper LiftLifted 4noisyboys layout – Tea Party

Credits:Everything from: Commitment by Joyce Paul Designs and Three Paper Peonies
except for:Bows – Tickled Pink (recolored) by Joyce Paul DesignsBrackets – Little Girls by Joyce Paul Designs all sold at MScraps

Oscraps October Camera Challenge

Here is my layout for the Oscraps October Camera ChallengeFor more info click here

Credits:Frame and Wordart : Moderation by TaylorMade DesignsColor Frames : Inspirational by NinaScraps Designs

sold at Oscraps

MScraps October Misc. Challenge

Layout done for the October MScraps Miscellaneous Challenge found here

Journaling: one of the toughest things to teach yourchildren is that it is ok to need a break, that it doesn’t mean you are weak, or lazy. Knowing that you need a break shows signsof maturity, wisdom and self-love. My hopefor all of you is that we have been slowly teaching you that life is busy, and it’s ok to need a break.
Credits:Flowers, Flourish : SIMPLY YOU – Anita DesignsBackground Paper : Little Girls – Joyce Paul DesignsAll other papers, circle spill : Lemondade Cocktail by Joyce Paul Designsall sold at MScraps
Template (altered) Crystal Livesay and Fizzy Pop Designs :Kooky Cut OutsWordart : Sometimes by NinaScraps Designs sold at Oscraps

Mscraps October Journaling Challenge

Layout done for the MScraps October Journaling Challenge details here

Journaling: Sally, sally, ohhh my sweet sweet friend, although we haven’t met in person yet, I can honestly saythat I feel as though I have known you forever. Wehave been chatting online, for almost 4 years now, first it wasjust in the forums at Oscraps, we then graduated to HELLO, ohthe memories with that darling program, I miss HELLO, with the little blue falling LOL’s, and the scattering of pink Hearts, when HELLO left, we moved onto YAHOO!! "It’s Ok I’m Here Now", thesignature of one of our arrivals for an evening of chatting andscrapping. We have laughed together, cried together, been awee bit crusty with each other, been through births and deaths,sickness, healthy times, drama and traumas together, all frommiles and miles away from each other. I feel as though I knowyour children, your husband, as if I chat with them on a daily basis as well, you are all apart of my daily life, although we have never met. We have lived through hurricanes, and snowstorms, disappearances and meltdowns. Through thick and thinI know above ANYTHING else, that when either one of us hearsthe little man on the screen say, "It’s Ok I’m Here Now!!", that it’strue!! To my Texan Best Friend, darling I love you, I appreciate you,I support you, and I thank you for loving me in return. October 2010
Credits:Template : Crystal Livesay & Fizzy Pop Designs : Kooky Cut outs 2 sold at Oscraps
Stitched Flower – SIMPLY YOU – Anita DesignsRibbon – AWAKENING – Joyce Paul DesignsEverything else – HAPPY TALK by Three Paper Peonies All sold at MSCRAPS



6 responses to “Window of Sunshine

  1. Nini says:

    Hi girl! You did wake up inspired this morning! But I guess the change of seasons motivates & moves the soul. Not much for weather changes here… 😦 …the temperatures are a bit lower but not enough to go and grab a sweater or make one feel like spending time outside. The ac still feels good inside my house!
    You’ve created some really nice pages this past week! I specially love the one for the journaling challenge! Love your touching words and believe me I can relate to having this wonderful feelings of friendship toward some of my digi friends even if I’ve never seen them either! How wonderful of technology to give us the opportunities of meeting nice people, don’t you think?
    Take care and many (((hugs))) to you.

  2. Heather T. says:

    Oh… I guess there are different seasons for everybody, eh? I love the fall rain… it’s soft and misty, or strong and ferocious, and it gives me permission to hole up inside and be even more comfy because I know it’s cold and rainy out!

    Love your Texan BFF story!

  3. Barbara says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing your storys to go along with your beautiful layotus!

  4. Romy says:

    I feel the same way about fall, Krista!

  5. karen says:

    I agree show and tell is awesome!!!!! I love all of your pages and the journaling is great!! that is one of the parts that I find hard in scrapbooking is the journaling past the basic who what and where’s.

  6. Vissarah says:

    Love your LO’s!!

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