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I am an addict!

on October 31, 2010

Hi, my name is Krista, and I am an addict. I’m addicted to digital scrapbook challenges. I have tried hard over the years to face this addiction face on but I can’t seem to control myself. Each month on the 1st of the month, some of my favorite sites start the addiction flowing again through my veins. I can’t stop, I must scrap, I must complete the challenges. Sleep, eating, sleep, nothing else matters until they are all completed!! I MUST SCRAP!! They are wonderful stepping stones for all kinds of things. Pushing you outside your comfort zone, journaling, different fonts, recipes, web inspiration, color, lifts, twists you name it, it’s out there. I must feed the addiction every month, I don’t rest until they are all complete. The rewards, are simple, I get to scrap more pages, more often, and occasionally, to keep the addiction alive,  you have the chance to win prizes. Ohhh, the prizes, the addiction, the need to scrap some days is so strong. So, because I don’t want to leave all my other highly addicted friends out in the cold, I thought I would give you a little guidance into some of what I believe to be the FINEST challenges on the web!! 🙂 I have two sites, that I adore, I  have lots I visit, but these two in particular really get my addictive juices flowing.

First, there is Oscraps, my sweet sweet Oscraps. This is my digital home away from home. Each month at Oscraps we host 6 wonderful challenges, by some of the best ladies in digiland.

The November challenge hostess are:

  • Myself – with Web Inspiration
  • Helenh – with Camera Corner
  • Ona – with Creative Techniques
  • Linda – with Color
  • Chris – with CopyCat
  • Sara – with our Rotating challenge – which for November is Quotes
  • ALL of these challenges can be found HERE at Oscraps

Aside from these challenges, we also have 2 designer spotlights a month as well, WOW, these are highly addictive, and the rewards are MASSIVE!! Be sure to check out the November 1st Challenge with Ashalee Wall Designs and Lydia Designs found HERE at Oscraps. We also have some fun community building challenges as well, like our Posting Challenge – November’s is already up and running, you can find it here. One of our motto’s at Oscraps is NO layout goes unloved, there is a group of us, always willing to go the extra mile or ten lol, to make sure the gallery is full of love and affection. We are ALWAYS Looking for new recruits as well 😉 This challenge, is rewarded, with laughter, friendship, the odd cup of coffee, a little chocolate, and typically when the crazy Aussies show up some form of liquid courage!! 🙂 Needless to say, it’s normally one of the most insanely active and rolling threads in the forum, a great place to hang out and post to get to know some of your fellow scrappers!! Beware though, this thread moves fast and furious, and typically doesn’t make alot of sense. It’s just a FOR FUN thing 😉

The other site that I like to stalk, torture and share my addictive creative juices in is MScraps. They have just recently revamped their monthly challenge section as well, you can find out all the new information HERE at MScraps. Again, if you are looking for a place to get the creative juices flowing and keep your addiction alive, this is the place to be. Their November challenges are all up and running now. Here is the list of November Challenges.

  • About Me Challenge
  • Ad Challenge
  • Journaling Challenge
  • Misc. Challenge
  • Photography Challenge
  • Recipe Challenge – no they don’t ask you to bake
  • Scraplift Challenge
  • Theme Challenge
  • Template Challenge
  • Typography Challenge

WOW WOW WOW!! These can all be found HERE at Mscraps. Trust me, NEITHER of these sites will disappoint you in your search for the next great challenge!!! And all the ladies, on both sites are super supportive, friendly, a little crazy, and loving!!! They will make your frown turn upside down!!! 🙂 Good luck to all that are seeking their next creative FIX!!!

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