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November Blog Contest

on November 2, 2010

I explained the other day about being a challenge addict. If you didn’t have a chance to read that post you can find it {{{ HERE }}} And as some or most of you know I have a bit of an addictive personality. Maybe one day I will post about my true addictions, but for now, let’s keep it light and fluffy with my digi-addictions!! 🙂 So, aside from scrapping challenges like a mad-woman, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to comment on layouts in the digi-galleries of sites I belong too. Now I will be 100% honest, my heart belongs to the Oscraps Gallery, as a CheeryO, one of our motto’s is NO layout goes unloved. Now, this is a HUGE task, because there are literally 100’s of layouts posted in the gallery on any given day!! But we do try our best to give love to all of them. I find some of my best inspiration from the galleries, it’s nothing for me, to enter the gallery and comment on 50+ layouts at a time. I love the inspiration, I love to leave love, I love learning new techinques, I LOVE scrap lifting 😉 Ohhh the addiction to lifting is almost as big and the first 2 addictions if not bigger!! 🙂 When I am lacking MOJO, I hit the gallery and look for a stunning page to attempt to lift. 😉 So as I am sitting here this morning, I thought to myself : SELF : why not do a Gallery Standout Post daily on your blog??? 🙂 Now wouldn’t that be a fun thing to do??? 🙂 And well, I think it would be, so that’s what I’m going to do 🙂

Starting today, I am going to pick some of my favorite layouts from the Oscraps gallery to feature on my blog 🙂 Just have to figure out what to call it 😉 And I think to make it more exciting, I will add a little contest to it as well 🙂

The layout that receives the most comments on my blog over the month, will receive a $5 coupon for the  Oscraps store, and the reader that leaves the most LOVE for the layouts of the month, will also receive a $5 coupon for Oscraps. NOW — there is ONE stipulation to the LOVE left for the layout, you MUST tell me WHY you love the layout. Love can not just be great page, I’m looking for details!!  So be sure to stay tuned for the daily posts titled, MYOLDLAC’S FAVORITE PICKS!!

5 responses to “November Blog Contest

  1. katg1006 says:

    Krista I love ya!!! This is a fabulous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be sure to stay tuned and follow along 🙂 Can’t wait to see your first picks!!!

  2. ella says:

    oops ! to quick…
    To funny, I like your idea to choose each day some LO !

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