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Myoldanlac Favorite Picks – November 3rd, 2010

on November 3, 2010

Day Two of the contest, wonder what goodies I will find tonight will hanging out in the gallery at Oscraps!??!

As always I’m sure I will be left feeling inspired as I hope you will be as well with my selections. Now onto the picks of the day!! 🙂

by Katell

I am addicted to FULL PHOTO pages, and this one takes the cake with little piece of paper on top of the bottom picture to help with the blending in of the top picture!! Brilliance … pure brilliance!! 🙂 And that stunning piece of Wordart just finishes off the layout perfectly!! To see this layout in the gallery click {{{HERE}}}

By Sascedar

How many things are there about this layout that I love??? 1) The series of photos is just too cute for words, 2) The stitching is wonderful too, I am not all that great at selecting the “right” stitches for my pages, or placing them so they don’t look just “thrown” on the page, but here, well they are perfectly placed!! 🙂 3) The clusters leave the layout well balanced and are just perfectly placed. I adore the overall composition of this layout. 😉 And will likely lift it soon!! hehehe!! To see this layout in the gallery click {{{ HERE }}}

by Ruebchensmum

I have an addiction to white space in a layout, and this one is just perfect. I also adore the masking and blending in this layout as well. The photo treatment is wonderful as well, and adds depth to the layout. The placement of the word art ties the layout all together nicely. To see this layout in the gallery click {{{ HERE }}}

Don’t forget to leave your comments here on my blog on the layout of your choice today!! 🙂 You can also go back and have a look at the previous day’s layouts too and leave a comment on them as well!!  I am keeping track of who leaves the most comments – don’t forget the details 😉 Good luck picking YOUR favorite of the day!! 🙂


11 responses to “Myoldanlac Favorite Picks – November 3rd, 2010

  1. Nini says:

    Fantastic choices again!
    #1 is utterly and downright sensational!!!!

  2. myoldanlac says:

    Nini …. girl you ROCK 🙂 I love that you are playing along 😉 Thanks hun!! Spread the news 🙂

  3. Corinna says:

    Oh my God, I can not believe you chose me. Thank you so much, you will not know how much this warms my heart. I feel so honoured. Thank you so much, dear and thanks for all the comments you left on my other layouts. You are really lovely.

    Hugs Corinna

  4. Romy says:

    Love all your addictions, Krista!!

    How about #2 ? What got me was the “evenness” of the photos and how colorful they were.

  5. myoldanlac says:

    I couldn’t agree more Romy!! 🙂 Thanks for coming to play 🙂

  6. katell says:

    Many thanks for choosing me!!!!! so happy !!! and for the compliments!!!!!!!!!

  7. lauriewe says:

    My favorite is i can do it- love the series of photos and the stitching!

  8. lauriewe says:

    okay I am so confused trying to catch up- my favorite for today’s post- is i can do it- love the series of photos and the stitching

  9. ViVre says:

    No doubt at all: Katell.
    Follow her and you know why.
    All pictures on her layouts are just STUNNING PERFECT.
    Always. Ever.

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