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Sunday Night Sadness

on November 7, 2010

Ohh Sunday night blahs!! The end of the weekend, the start of a new week, work, school, I hate to see Sunday night roll around. It’s been a busy weekend, with the NSD events, work, soccer, family – well simply life!! LOL!! Today was a quiet day here, well sort of minus the 4 girls fighting most of the day over the Wii, what movie to watch, who’s turn it was to clean up after the dogs …. lol …. you know the everyday stuff with kids. In the midst of all of it though I did manage to get some scrapping done!! LOL!! Preserving today’s moments for years to come!! The motto we live digi-scrappers tend to live by 🙂 It was nice to actually have to time to get some personal scrapping done!! I did host on final speed scrap at Oscraps, this afternoon, we did another infamous power lift 😉  Today we lifted one of my many scrapping idols – wombat146 — AKA — ONA!! We lifted her incredibly simple and stunning layout – DREAM!!


Really does it get any better than this, the simplicity of this layout is fabulous, but its not lacking in the little details, I love the understated way Ona can take a simple picture and layout – and turn it into a MASTERPIECE!! To see more of Ona’s creations be sure to visit her gallery at Oscraps – HERE!! How could I resist attempting to lift this stunning piece of art??? And what a pleasure to share this layout with some wonderful ladies at Oscraps as well!! 🙂 I would like to thank all of them for coming and scrapping with me this afternoon, it’s always fun to power scrap. Also need to send a HUGE thank you to Nina – of NinaScraps , for generously donating prizes for this chat!! Thank you my love!! It’s now time to see a little bit of eye candy – from all the lovely scrappers that joined me for the power scrap!! I hope that you all feel inspired by these layouts as I do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see these layouts in the gallery …. click here!!!

While I was perusing the gallery at Oscraps today, ya know one of my favorite past times, I came across a couple of layouts that really caught my attention. Both layouts are using the same kit – which is not always something I notice, but I did with these layouts. And the best part, everything they used on their layouts in a wonderful freebie!! WOOT!!

Here are the two layouts

In my mind – by Vivre

by Vivre

The shadows and white space of this layout – simply just WOW me!! And the little picture of the bird, is delicately placed amid some of the loveliest elements!! To see this layout in the gallery click here

Next we have using the same kit, a layout by Laure Scraps, who I might add is one of the contributing designers to the freebie!! 🙂 I love seeing designers scrap with their own products!!

by Laure Scraps

Again, the simplicity of this layout is just stunning!! I can’t get over the ability some scrappers have to layer and make it look so so simple. I have the toughest time layering elements but these elements are just divine!! To see this layout in the gallery click here.

Here is a preview of the FREEBIE MINI KIT, by Julie Designs and Laure Scraps

by Julie Designs and Laure Scraps

This freebie can found on Julie’s Blog

{{{{{{{{ HERE }}}}}}

Don’t forget to say thank you if you download it!! Happy Sunday to you all!!

One response to “Sunday Night Sadness

  1. ViVre says:

    THANKS …. !!!!
    You make me proud 😉

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