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on November 8, 2010

I guess from time to time it would be good for me to write a blog post that isn’t completely centered around scrapping right?? Ha, that’s not really an easy task for me, because I am well, addicted as you have all figured out. Scrapping is my creative outlet, as well, good for my mental health, and those around me, it often becomes a large part of my day and posting. 🙂 But tonight, I’m feeling the need to ramble a little!! 😉 Rest assured though, I’m confident that before the end of this post, I will talk about scrapping, and likely have a link to a really really cute freebie, that is just too adorable not to share!! LOL!!!

Monday’s are always my coffee date day with Donna – you know Donna – my sister-in-law-in-waiting, one day my brother will get it together!! I hope!! Mya had school today, much to her delight!! 🙂 The poor little bug, really loves school, which I know is a good thing, but because of school is every other day – full days – for Junior and Senior Kindergarten, she gets really upset on the days she doesn’t get to go to school. Keisha and I have lots of fun together on Monday’s though when Mya is at school. We went to Donna’s for coffee, she watched the newly released A Cars Toon : Mater’s Tall Tales!!

Actually, she watched this movie about six times today – slightly addicted. When we came home from coffee, she got herself all set up on the coffee table in her Dora chair … yes … you did read that correct – and I wrapped her like a sausage in her blanket. It’s kind of like her own personal movie theatre!! LOL!! She’s such a little nut. I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, and then did a little surfing, scrapping, bloggin’ ya know – the normal stuff!! LOL!! Then it was lunch time and NAP time!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monday naps with my little lady!! She is such a snuggle bug!! 🙂 However, my nap was interrupted with a pesky neighbor child that NEEDS to be taught how to knock on a door, grrrrrrrrrrr, this little fellow caught a wee bit of my wrath today. He has a bit of a happy trigger finger when it comes to ringing the door bell, and it’s drives me INSANE. Because the dogs lose their minds when the doorbell rings. He came over looking for the girls at 11:30, at which point I told him that they were at school, the next time he came calling was shortly after Peter got home for lunch, so about 1:00, at which time Peter told him that they were at school. Keisha and I go up for a nap around 2:00, and from 2:20-2:40, this darling little fellow, proceeded to ring the doorbell, knock on the door, kick the door, and bark at the dogs. &*^*&%$#*&#*$&(#*(#&*&$%&#*$&#*(&^&^ – yes that is a string of profanity!! I was in a deep sleep, and at first could NOT figure out what the heck was the matter with the dogs, they were losing their minds barking, Patrick, who ALWAYS sleeps under the blankets with us, was barking in the bed, which he NEVER does, Porkee, was at the top of the stairs going crazy. I was so warm and cozy and just wanted to sleep, but couldn’t because of the insane barking, and then I realized WHAT THEY WERE BARKING AT!!! OMGOODNESS are you KIDDING ME??? Now, one would think that after a couple of minutes of annoying the hell out of me, the child would leave, but NO, he kept it up for 20 freaking MINUTES!!  When I heard him BARKING back at the dogs, I got up, because this little darling has also been known to open the door, and with the frenzy the dogs were in at that point, it may have ended very badly for all involved. So, down the stairs I go, grab ahold of Patrick, because he will RUN as soon as the door is opened, especially, in the state he was in, I open the door, and I am confident that there was FIRE coming out of my eyes, nose and mouth at the time, RAISED my voice and said, GO HOME NOW!!!!!! Personally, at 5 if someone yelled at me like that, I would have ran away with my tail between my legs, NOPE, this kid, looks at me, and says When will they be home??? AFTER SCHOOL!!!!!!! Slam goes the door. UGH!!! I don’t like this child, I really really don’t, but the girls like to play with him and his little sister. Which I can deal with but for the Love of all the is good and holy in the world STOP RINGING THE BELL, DO NOT KICK MY FREAKING DOOR!!!! I am going to talk to his parents the next time I see them outside, because it’s getting ridiculous really, heck his little sister, who is somewhere age wise between Mya and Keisha, rang the door bell one morning (school day) at 7:15am, Peter just laughed and told her to go home, that the girls were sleeping. Where the HELL are the parents???? LOL!! Come on!!!

I did manage to get back to sleep, only to dream about them!! &*%&*(&%R^&#$* – yes more profanity!! LOL!!! I got up and made dinner – mmm mmm Chicken with Rice and Salad, which we ended up putting into wraps, and guess — did ya guess?? THE GIRLS ACTUALLY ATE!!! WOAH!!! It’s a miracle!!! LOL!! Danielle was off to her Girl Power night, this was her second week and she is really enjoying it!! It’s an hour and a half meeting for girls ages 11-13, to talk about well GIRL STUFF. Tonight’s topic was about Healthy Eating habits, her comment, ohhh just like school. lol … however, we discussed the fact that at school there are boys, and this is great place to talk about stuff that she might not say at school. She actually agreed with that!!  They made trail mix too, which she loves, so I promised her on Saturday when I was done work, that we would go to the Bulk Barn, and buy some stuff to make trail mix. I’m pretty fortunate for the most part that my girls all eat well, and like a wide variety of healthy foods. While she was at her group, I went to the laundromat, to do the weekly towels, jeans, heavy stuff!!! BLAH!! But it’s all done now, washed and folded, lol, nope not put away!! 🙂 Come on I can’t do it all!! HA HA HA!! Tonight’s adventure was relatively tame though, only 11 loads of towels and 2 loads of jeans, sweats etc!! All of the whites, and colors get done at home, because they don’t take as long to dry!! So I did 13 loads of laundry – start to finish in under 2 hours, at home it would have taken a couple of days to do. Now, granted Peter will still do at least 1-2 loads a day all week as well. Laundry for a family of 6 is INSANE!!! Came home from laundry, cleaned up the kitchen again, and well, here I am!! Did a little commenting in the gallery at Oscraps, a little surfing, ya know the usual stuff!!

Ok, if you managed to get all the way through this NOVELLA of a post, you need a little reward, and I think I have just the thing for you all!! 🙂 Christmas is coming soon – too soon for my liking but soon!! Nina Unger – of NinaScraps, has an absolutely ADORABLE freebie in her store at Oscraps right now, that I would like to share!! 🙂

FREEBIE from Nina

Aren’t these the most adorable things you have ever seen??? Ready to print Christmas Wish lists!!! I plan on using them this weekend with my girls, to get them in the holiday spirit, and well, I’m sure I will be getting the questions sooner rather than later of what they want for Christmas!! 🙂 I love these, so much better than the millions of pages of list I get from them, that typically end up in the recycling bin!! LOL!! 🙂 I know I’m a bad mommy!!






Don’t forget, a THANK You goes 100000 miles!!!



2 responses to “Odds & Ends

  1. nina says:

    awww sweetie, you´re the best. thanks for blogging about the wishlists!!! *mwah*

  2. ella says:

    you are excellent !

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