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I am ANTI-socks

on November 20, 2010

As the temperature dips lower and lower these days, I am torn as an individual who HATES socks. Yes, socks, I honestly and truly HATE socks. I can not stand my feet being HOT. Ugh, there is nothing in the trivial world that pisses me off more than when my feet are hot. Now, for those of you that know me really well, you know I have a thermostat issue to begin with, as in I’m always hot when other’s are comfortable, or even cool. I’m often the first one in shorts, or short sleeves, without a jacket, and my favorite … SANDALS!! Gawd I love my sandals. Well until Patrick decided to piss on them, don’t love them quite as much now, but I will once they are washed. Good thing I love that dog, cause he’s definitely a little bastard at times πŸ˜‰ Ok, back to my anti-socks sermon! I live in house with 6 people, 5 females and one darling lone male (God Bless him), we have more freaking laundry, than the average family, because well simply we aren’t all that average. REALLY??? YA THINK?? We have not one but TWO sock bins, one is full of colored socks, the other is full of white socks … ugh … every single day … there is a struggle to find matching socks in this house. The girls have ALL resigned and delight in wearing mix matched socks … it’s ridiculous … I would LOVE to know what their teachers are thinking. Peter wears all black socks basically, unless they are soccer socks … which miraculously always seem to find their buddy. Each day, I stand in front of these dreaded bins …. and cringe, looking for socks, which I HATE anyways, but I know I have to wear at least to work …. because 8-12 hours in work shoes without socks, EWWWW NASTY!!!! Even I know that much!! But really, how freaking hard is it to find two socks that match?? IM-FREAKING-POSSIBLE in my house. How the HELL do we lose so many socks??? The dryer? The dogs?? I have NO clue but I hate them more because they are never there. Ugh!!!

But there is another reason for being anti-sock …. here is my theory – if my feet are hot, I am bitchy, or hmmm bitchier than normal HA!!! The hotter my feet, the more miserable everyone else’s life is in my world. But I also can’t freaking sleep if my feet are hot. Example : This week I have been sick, with a nasty cold/flu thing, chills, hot, ya know the drill, anyways, so I was wearing socks Wednesday and Thursday night before bed, because I had the chills so bad, then I drag my sick and exhausted butt up to bed, only to lay there for a least an hour to an hour and a half, because I was TOO FREAKING HOT, cause my feet weren’t cold. UGH!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Really??? Prior to getting into bed, I was freezing, but my feet weren’t …. get into bed … and NO SLEEP because of hot feet.

This sort of goes along with the maximum heat theory. LMAO πŸ™‚ ohhh now your in for a treat … lol … πŸ˜‰ I wrote this theory out on facebook a while ago.

Peter and I have an ongoing battle each night at bedtime about the state of the blankets.

My darling, loving and faithful husband sees nothing wrong with getting into the bed with the blankets in disarray. I personally can not stand the blankets being “lumpy”, when I get into bed … ugh … it makes my skin crawl. Now 8 days out of 10 I get the bed made first thing in the morning, so the lumpy blanket issue isn’t a problem. But those other 2 days … OMG …. it’s just terrible …. Peter typically goes to bed before I do … with the blankets all LUMPY!!!

So last night, I tried to explain the MAXIMUM Heat Theory to him, if the blankets are all flat and non-lumpy, the bed will actually be warmer than if you get into the bed with the blankets in disarray. Because the flat smooth blankets will keep the warmth locked in, while the lumpy askew blankets allow cold air to filter into the bedding. Causing one to be cold for longer!!

Peter found this to be the most ridiculous theory ever!!

But I love him all the same.

Socks, really are the same type of thing, if I can get my feet as cold as possible before going to bed, in a NON-LUMPY bed, AHHHHHH life is SO good. And by cold I mean, little ice cube cold, blue cold, you know, really freaking cold, and I am SOOOOO happy!!! Life is about the little things. It doesn’t take much to make me happy πŸ˜‰ A non-lumpy bed and cold feet!!! Life is SO GOOD then!!! Either of these things are out of whack … God help ya all πŸ™‚

Night night!!! Feet are almost cold enough for bed!!!


Krista πŸ™‚

4 responses to “I am ANTI-socks

  1. Romy says:

    hehe, I’m with you on the bed issue but as someone with a bad circulation and shivering all the time I NEED socks when its cold!!!! Together with my UGG slippers they hug and cradle my feet and I fell loved……. lol

  2. Donna says:

    I walked into Clarissa’s room today and was almost knocked out by the stank. I knew that smell. “you wore your boots without socks, didn’t you?” Yup. Half a can of Febreeze later, it’s almost tolerable in there.

    I have to wear socks (unless I am wearing sandals) But they have to be nearly 100% cotton socks. Anything else makes my feet sweat. And I hate that too.

  3. Mommy & Zara says:

    Too funny! Sorry to hear you haven`t been feeling well. Get better soon! xoxo

    • faerywings says:

      This is so funny, esp since I am wearing *two* pairs of socks. Once the temp goes below 70*- and my feet get cold, I cannot get warm- ever!!
      And that makes me bitchy! Its like we are Heat/Snow Misers together.
      PS: DOn’t listen to Sara, you can blog about socks any time! ROTF!

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