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Mother Nature is Losing Her Mind

on April 17, 2011

If I ever thought the world was going wacko, today was definitely one of those days. I woke up to the sound of the bathtub running at 7:15am …. **scratching head and wiping the sleep from my eyes???** Peter is still laying beside me in bed, along with Keisha, Patrick and I believe Porkee was at the foot of the bed …. so …. who the heck is running the tub at this time of the morning? I ask Peter, and his reply is “Mya is having a “relaxing” bath” Ohhhh my sweet sweet Mya, I laughed out loud at this … and decided it was time to get up and face the day.

Stumbling down the stairs to find some coffee, I glanced outside and noticed …. **gasp** SUNSHINE!!!! My step lightened a little, and I was doing a wee happy dance, thinking about the day ahead and what this might mean. A soccer game with no rain, yes it would still be cold, but no rain would be a blessing. HOORAY!!!

Too lazy to make a fresh pot of coffee, I pour a cup from the previous night’s pot and warm it up …. yup laziness at it’s finest right there!! BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Goes the microwave … nice hot coffee ready to drink … off I go to snuggle into my spot at the table with my computer to start the morning routine, a little Cityville, a little Farmville, followed by some Tetris battling, aka … Facebook addict right here!!!I have no trouble admitting that!! HA HA!!!

I look out the back door … **GASP** …. sunshine is GONE … and its SNOWING!!!!! WTH!!!!!!!!! Really, are you kidding me, SNOW, what the heck is going on Mother Nature …. it’s April 17th, yes yes yes I KNOW, we live in Canada, I know that we can expect some snow from time to time in the next month but REALLY??? Are you KIDDING Me? I mean I know all too well about snow in April … turn back the clock to April 27th, 2002, our wedding day, driving to Woodstock after the reception, SNOW SNOW SNOW, wet slushy SNOW!!! But I mean this today, was just ridiculous!! I actually felt a little nauseous, thinking about Danielle’s reaction to having to play her game today in the snow/cold/wind/definitely not great soccer conditions. She was none too impressed playing yesterday in the pouring rain and whistling wind, so I was confident that the freak snowstorm was not going to do anything to lift her spirits either. 

Peter and the girls come downstairs around 7:30, with Danielle stumbling into the shower, my first question is “How is she?”, Peter says she hasn’t looked outside yet LOL!! Poor thing! Around 7:45, I send an email to Coach Mike, to check on field status, because they are playing on a brand new turf field the City of Waterloo, tends to close it when there is snow. I also, didn’t want to have to drive to Waterloo, only to find out that the game was indeed cancelled due to field/weather conditions. HA HA HA!! That would definitely pissed me off. Mike replied almost immediately saying that the phone call/email to cancel hadn’t come at that point. We carry on with our morning preparations for the day, everyone has breakfast … Danielle’s new “tournament breakfast” consists of a 3-egg ham and broccoli omelette.  Next, is the process of finding enough layers for Danielle to wear for her game. 

10:00 arrives, still no cancellation, so we are on our way to Waterloo. As we are leaving the house, the wind is howling, and the snow is swirling, much like a day in November definitely not a day fit for April. Our drive is uneventful, listening to some music, playing Angry Birds on the iPhone, chatting occasionally about the insanity of the weather. In our 35 minute drive to the pitch, the weather changes no less than 10 times, grey, snow, sun, wind, grey, snow, sun, you get the point. As we our in the last 4 minutes of the drive, the snow and wind is so thick that you can’t see 200 feet ahead of you …. now really?? How the HELL are they going to play in this??? They wouldn’t be able to see the length of the pitch!!! For Saturday’s games the coaches had put up tarps over the shelters on the pitch to protect the players from the wind, because the wind had switched direction over the course of the night, when we arrived the tarps were flying and flapping towards the heavens!! Peter and Danielle, go to try to secure them, Mike arrives as well, they decide to take them down completely as the wind is blowing so strong. The girls were going to have to tough it out today. Not that the tarps would have protected them from much today, seeing as the wind was blowing directly in their faces.

Snow Game April 17th, 2011

I will admit, that I sat in the van until game time, because although I love and adore my darling daughter, I was not willing to freeze my butt off, just to watch them warm up. The referee doesn’t show up, likely because he really didn’t feel like freezing his butt off either!! LOL!! So, Peter was nominated to referee the game. Likely a good thing, so he could keep warm from running around. 🙂 The game, well, hmmm, how to describe the game, it was interesting to say the least. The girls from both teams looked like a collection of riff-raff, trying to keep warm out on the pitch. 

As a new member of the team, it’s been an interesting transition for all of us, to how things are done with a new team. Now, I will admit, although I am typically a very social person, I am having a hard time “warming” up to the parent group associated with this team. They are all nice people, but their not “my” people so to speak. The girls have been amazing with Danielle, which ultimately is ALL that matters. One of the toughest things for me, is the parents of this team are all very vocal while on the sidelines. YES YES YES, I KNOW, I am a VERY vocal and LOUD parent on the sidelines as well, however, I do know that when I am being a vocal parent, it’s encouragement and praise that is coming out of my mouth. We signed a Parent Contract this week, and one of the main points … DO NOT COACH FROM THE SIDELINES!!! I’m not sure what part of this some of these parents didn’t understand but WOW!! 

Mike and Peter, have a very specific philosophy on the game of soccer, and what they are trying to teach the girls. Possession play soccer — opposed to the typical/traditional KICK and RUN soccer game. I understand, both styles of soccer, basically because I live with a house full of soccer fanatics, so I either pick it up and understand it, or well, simply I sit in a corner by myself. HA HA!! Unfortunately, a decent percentage of the parent with this team … don’t understand possession play soccer.

Thus causing my blood pressure to rise listening to them scream and scream and SCREAM at the girls, instructions that are so counter productive to what they are being taught, along with negative comments because they aren’t doing it “right”!! From watching the game you can also see the confusion for the players as well though, because their coaches are telling them one thing, and then you have the parents yelling wildly on the other side of the pitch the exact opposite.  The toughest part I think for the girls, is the internal struggle of who to listen too??? From the day they were born they have been told to RESPECT their parents, to LISTEN to their parents, but when they are on the soccer field, they are supposed to somehow drown out their parent’s voices and listen to their coaches. At 12 and 13, this is still a tough thing to do, by 15 and 16, the girls will tell their parents to SHUT it, and by 17+, the parents aren’t there anymore lol!!

Danielle actually emailed Mike tonight, to express her concerns about the sideline coaching issue that the team has, and has requested that they have a team discussion about this problem. As she puts it, “they are interfering, with “my mental game”, now at 12, and a keeper, and new to the team, we are extremely proud of her for making the decision to email her coach. We had a lengthy discussion about it on the way home, and she’s very insightful for such a young player. Makes a momma’s heart proud!! 🙂 

Back to the topic of Mother Nature losing her mind though, the first half of the game, was wind, snow, and then …. **GASP** …. the sun came out briefly, Peter played on a little longer in the first half, because of the sudden change in the weather. The second half, the girls were faced with grey, wind, blinding snow, hail and LIGHTENING, and THE GAME was CALLED!!! Weirdest day of LIFE today!!! LOL!!

Here is a 45 second video I took on my phone during the first half …. Danielle is the keeper … 🙂


Until the next time ….. live laugh and love deeply!!! 

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