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Good Friday 2011

on April 22, 2011

Oh what a week it’s been!! Whew thank God, the “work” part of the week is finished!! For a 4 day week for me,it seemed like an extremely long week. Most likely due to the build to Easter, which is always busy for us at the diner. Plus the girls have a bit of cabin fever due to the crappy weather, and then of course excitement because it’s almost Easter. Coloring eggs, chocolate, church, visiting family, soccer ya know all the simple things!! HA!!

Today, was INSANE at work, oh my, it’s been a long time since we have gone as hard as we did today. I think we feed half the city in under 3 hours this morning. We didn’t open until 11am (instead of 7), so it was a race as soon as the doors opened. By 11:30, the restaurant was basically full, and it stayed that way until almost 3, a wee lull and then they were off to the races again for dinner.

Tomorrow is soccer practice in the morning, shopping for some Easter shoes for Mya and Danielle, and then home for some lunch, naps, cleaning, dinner and then we will be heading to the drive in with the girls, provided the weather is decent!! To see HOP!! The Drive In has become our family fun night … it’s cheap and easy LOVE IT!!

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