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Baby # 7 has arrived

on May 1, 2011

Another weekend comes to an end, a weekend filled with a little sunshine, some rain, no soccer, a new car, a double feature at the drive-in, learning to drive a 5-speed, oh yes life is good.

Friday night, Peter and I picked up our new car, well our new “used” car, a black, 2007 Chevrolet Aveo, 4 door, hatchback and a 5 speed!!! Thanks again to my little brother for selling us this adorable little car. And yes, I am actually learning to drive it. So much fun!! It’s fully loaded too, air, cruise, sunroof, tilt !!! And it only has 45,000km on it!! NICE!!! We’ll have that changed in a hurry with 5 trips a week to Waterloo for soccer. Peter is a fabulous teacher too, he had me driving on the roads of Stratford in about 15 minutes, yep, I did stall it a number of times, but for the most part I did ok. I took my first maiden voyage on Saturday morning, as I drove it to work on my own. Going to work, wasn’t too bad, I did stall it twice, but coming home, not so good, got myself into a bit of a panic situation with turning a corner, stalling it …. lol …. repeatedly but I made it home in one piece.

Saturday night, we took the girls to the drive in again, YES, we LOVE the drive in, we saw Rio and Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Two really great movies, Rio, was awesome, great story and the music, Peter is looking for the soundtrack!! LOL!!! So, it was a late night, we didn’t get home with the girls until shortly after 1am, but we all had fun. There is nothing like a night of family time for under $50 for a family of 6!! WOOT!!! Now if the weather would get a little nicer so we didn’t have to pack up all the blankets, and comforters of the house to take with us, life would be perfect!! 😉

Today has just been a lazy day around the house, a little bit of this and little bit of that. I took Danielle out for a drive this morning in the new car, she was hilarious, hanging on for dear life. But she kept her mouth shut so we did well!! LOL!! 🙂 Came home from that and had a little nap, then Peter and I went out to get some stuff for the car and the van, basically just to drive around in the new car. The poor man though, he LOVES driving a 5-speed but because I am trying to learn I get to do all the driving!! 😉

Well, that pretty much sums up our weekend. Hope you all have a blessed week!!
Until next time!! Ciao,



2 responses to “Baby # 7 has arrived

  1. CAtherine says:

    …think I missed baby #6…unless the van is considered baby #6..then I didn’t miss it. Can’t wait to meet the new baby in a few weeks

  2. myoldanlac says:

    LMAO, baby # 6 could be considered my camera or laptop actually!! 🙂 HA!!! I’m such a STOOGE!!!

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