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Happy Mother’s Day 2011

on May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in my life. Especially to my wonderfully supportive mom!! I truly would be lost without you Mom. You are a true inspiration to me and all of the girls, thank you for being YOU, and for allowing all of us to be US!! I love you!!!

Oh what a weekend!!! It’s been a race to the finish that’s for sure 🙂 Friday night, we cleaned the bedrooms, bathrooms – ya know all that fun and funky stuff that needs to be done on a weekly basis, that one would preferably leave neglected!! LOL!! None the less we got it done!!! Everyone was in bed early Friday night because Saturday was going to be a HUGE day!! SOCCER SOCCER AND MORE SOCCER!!! 🙂

Saturday morning started for myself and Peter at 5:20am, I was in the shower getting ready for work, Peter was up next getting ready for soccer, and then we woke up Danielle, seeing as she was the one that was playing!! LOL!! 🙂 Peter and Danielle were out of the house by 6:30am, heading off to RIM PARK for an 8am exhibition game against the U14 Girls B team from Waterloo. I was off to work at 7:30am, leaving Amber (our babysitter extraordinarie) with the girls. I worked until noon, Peter and Danielle were home around 11. Everyone had lunch, and then it was back to Waterloo to BEHCTEL Park with Mya, for her first Saturday of soccer. Never was there a child more excited to play her first game of soccer and have her Dad as her coach!! 🙂 I love this child!! LOL!! She’s on the SKYBLUE Timbit team …. so adorable!! LOL!! 🙂

When Mya’s soccer was over it was back home, and then Peter and I were off to Toronto to watch Toronto FC play against Houston Dynamo!! Awesome fun!!! We had a blast, we had great seats, the game was fabulous, and well of course it was extremely nice to have some alone time with my sweetie!! We laughed alot in the car, being silly and at times stupid, lots of fun. It was a LONG day of driving for Peter though, as well as just a long day in general.

Let’s have a look at the driving … to RIM Park 62.85 km each way = 125.7km, to BECHTEL Park 57.17km each way = 114.34km, to BMO Field 148.81km each way = 297.62km. For a total of 537.66km, driven yesterday!!! No wonder he was getting tired on the way home!! LOL!!! 🙂 All for the love of the game that’s for sure!!

We were back to Waterloo today, for Danielle’s first regular season game against Cambridge.What an absolutely GORGEOUS day for soccer. It was almost picture perfect, sun, warmth, just a little windy, but not enough to complain about. We took all of the girls with us to the game, because thankfully RIM has a great playground right by the turf that Danielle’s team was playing on today. The little girls played and played and PLAYED on the playground, and I actually got to watch the entire game!! WOW!! Nellie had a fabulous game in net today, only let in one goal, now, if her team mates could score a goal or two, things would be perfect. LOL!! They lost the game 1-0. But all in all it was a great game. Nellie made some incredible saves and we are both very proud of her for the continued effort and dedication she is putting into the game. I truly believe good things are just around the corner for these girls. I’m looking forward to their next game here in Stratford against Nellie’s old team on Wednesday.

New Waterloo Track Suit

Matching Track Suits

Mya's First Day

So Thirsty

The Evil Eye


Us Pre-game

Red Patch Boys

2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day 2011

  1. Romy says:

    Hi sweetie!! haven’t seen you around M for some time, we miss you!!!
    hope you’re doing well and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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