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Final Days of Summer

on August 29, 2011

The last “non-holiday” Monday of the 2011 Summer season, and what a gorgeous day it is!! We all woke up a little earlier this morning, but not quite as early as Daddy, who had to go to work for the day . I was off to Waterloo first thing this morning to register Olivia for the U9 Development Program with Waterloo Minor Soccer, for more information on this program click HERE.

Then home to make a delicious local lunch for the girls. Raisin Cinnamon French Toast from Downie Street Bake House, with fresh raspberries and peaches from Your Local Market Co-Op, topping with a little bit of icing sugar and whipped cream!!! So yummy! Once they girls were all settled and eating , I snuck out, lol, ok, not really I told them I was leaving, with my laptop to spend a little Krista Time at Revel Caffe. I don’t think I can go a full day without my daily trip to Revel. On the plus side of this “new-found” addiction, I have completely “curbed” my normal Tim Horton’s consumption to next to nothing, well other than at home in our coffee maker. But I have a feeling that is about to change soon as well, seeing as my overall coffee consumption is going to start to decline in the next couple of weeks. …. that is another entire blog post all together!! LOL!! 🙂

After leaving Revel, I have the unfortunate pleasure of running into our city’s finest, UGH, blah blah BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!! My stupidity,laziness,absent-mindedness, got the best of me today, in the tune of $110 fine for driving without a valid sticker on the van!! GAH!! SH*T!!!! Thankfully, Mr.Officer was kind enough not to tack on the additional fines of $110 — for failing to provide ownership AND $110 — for a violation of the traffic safety act for “Dirty Licence Plate” … aka … RUST!! BLAH!!! The last offence was easily rendered, with new plates, = $20, and sticker $76 — for a grand total of $96 . A trip to the police station for them to “verify” the compliance with the Dirty Licence Plate charge … cost another $10 in adminstration fees, followed by a trip to the Fine Office to pay the $110 fine. For a grand total of $226!!! Ugh!! But it’s all looked after now … all done …. and yeah it was definitely an EXPENSIVE MISTAKE!!! The interesting part of the entire situation …. I didn’t get angry … hmmmm …. odd …. nope just dealt with it and carried on!! 🙂 A nice change!! Oh, and another little piece … I got to add a bunch of new “check-in’s” to my foursquare account!! HA I really am a bit of a tool!!

Once this “ordeal” was over, then it was back home to “Castle Moore”, as I lovingly refer to our home, to deal with some extremely cranky kiddo’s!! Keisha was miserable with a Capital M this afternoon, starving she claimed, however, wouldn’t eat anything we were offering, until the offer was watermelon, that seemed to curb the “pangs” of hunger for a bit. The other 3 were just blah and grumpy in general, Danielle wasn’t feeling well, and Peter’s neck was still bothering him from soccer on the weekend, they decided to stay home from soccer practice. I’m sad that they weren’t feeling “well-enough” for soccer, but it was nice to have another night with everyone home as well.

I had made arrangements with Luann, from Erbcroft Farms, on Saturday (through twitter, her account HERE), to pick up a couple of free-range, antibiotic free, drug free chickens!!! So, we piled the girls into the van and headed out to Erbcroft, to pick them up, as well as have a look around, the girls were thrilled with the “adventure” as they called it. Luann and her son, Aaron, were absolutely gracious hosts showing the girls all of the animals. This is one of those moments as a mom that I adore, watching the “wonder” of the world develop through their eyes. I love seeing them explore and learn new things. Here are some pictures I snapped on my iPhone while were there, I took some video’s as well, however, they are all sideways!! LOL, so I won’t post them.

Free Range Hen

Mya with Luann - Petting the Lamb

Mya thrilled with the little lamb

Baa Baa

Feeding Time

Turkeys - Gobble Gobble

Well hello there!

I guess all the pictures I took of the chickens, roosters and hens were all videos too bad, because Keisha actually touched one of the “fluffy” chickens!! It was a great experience for all of us, and yet another “simple” way of changing our lifestyle for the better, I can’t wait to cook the chicken for dinner this week!! 🙂 Mmm mmmm good 😉

Ciao until next time!!


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