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Loves Small Town Living

on August 29, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me, how a person evolves over the years. I was born and raised here in Stratford, Ontario, living the first 6 years of my life on the highway between Stratford and Sebringville. Catching the big yellow school bus at the end of the driveway to head off to Kindergarten, zooming around on the riding lawnmower, having mom and dad buy us old “junker” cars to play with in the yard, and for Andy to “fix”!! We moved into the city when I was heading into Grade One I believe, now we walked to school, made more friends, rode bikes, got lost in the web of streets around our house.

Fast forward a few  years, those lovely teenage years of rebellion and attitude, (as a mom today of 5 girls, I apologize in my prayers regularly for the stress we put my mother through), small town living, never really held much of an appeal. Days were filled with thoughts, dreams and plans of escaping the small town and arriving in the grandeur of Big City Life!! Graduating from high school at 18, and onto the first fast-moving train to the “Big City” of Toronto, off to school, alone and well alone in the Big City. Those thoughts, dreams and plans didn’t seem so “grand” once in the city alone, confused and scared. It was a tough year, but as the saving goes if it doesn’t kill you it will definitely make you stronger. I learned to ride the subway, the streetcar, how to manage my way through Union Station, basically I learned that I could “do it” alone.  But even then I have to admit that I longed for HOME!! I longed for the slower pace of my little hometown of Stratford!! I longed for the quiet, the simplicity of life, travel, all of it, although I would never or couldn’t actually admit that out loud. Too proud, to head-strong too young!!

Fast forward again, to 19, life for me was slowly falling apart, so another geographical cure was in order, or so I thought, and off to Newfoundland I moved!! HA!! What an experience that was, I would love to sit hear and tell you that it was a “wholesome” experience, however I would be lying to you!! It was however another experience in learning for me, I could live in the woods, without electricity, without running water, cooking on a woodstove, along with a number of other “experiences” that I won’t share here today!! Life in Newfoundland was beautiful and cold, wet and rainy, with wonderful people, stunning scenery however, at the time thinking it was too slow, too quiet, too kinda backwards. Again to have known then what I know now .

One last fast forward to 2011, almost 20 years has passed since the days of Newfoundland and Toronto, and I’m thrilled to say that today, right now, this minute I adore Small Town Living!!! Is it age, maturity,lifestyle change, social media, what’s the change?? What makes the difference?? This is where the entire writers block issue for me has started, writing about this difference, this change in lifestyle that is slowly taking hold in the Moore household!! A wee bit of background first, in this last fast-forward, today I am 39 years old, married to a wonderful man (who I might add is a Big City born boy living in a Small Town), we have 5 beautiful daughters and 2 sometimes wonderful dogs!! HA!! No, they are wonderful, they offer my darling husband a little male companionship, in a house full of women!! Peter works for a local small manufacturing company, that is family owned and operated, definitely not his dream job, but a job nonetheless in these unstable economic times, were he does accounting and other clerical jobs. I work for my Mom at Madelyn’s Diner, where we have been feeding locals and visitors alike for the past 25 years.

As a family, we live, breath, sleep, and eat soccer, it’s our passion- our past-time – our all the time thing we do. We also love to go to the drive – in, to beach, have campfires in the backyard, we are all computer junkies, iPhone addicts or Blackberry in Peter’s case, we love movies and TV shows, Glee, Grey’s … the list goes on and on. With an age span of 18 to 4 for the girls, family activities tend to be a little difficult sometimes, to find stuff to make everyone happy, but we work hard at spending time together and it always seems to “work”. And we LOVE to eat, oh and Peter and I LOVE COFFEE!!! In a nutshell that pretty much sums up the Moore Family. Now that you have some of the “background”, where does the change come in? Because on the surface to the un-trained eye, well it looks like for the most part things are “good” for us. We recycle, we have started using Eco-friendly cleaning products, we use re-usable grocery bags and bins, so what’s the issue?

About a month ago, (July 23rd to be exact, HA) I started “tweeting” for the Diner, ( plug time …. follow us HERE), after the encouragement of our business neighbour, Mike Hishon from Hishon’s Custom . We had a conversation at work on day, about how social media had helped to increase their business, by him tweeting, especially using images and videos of how it’s done in his business (follow him HERE). Thus started the daily task of me, tweeting the daily specials, soup desserts , as the days passed, I started following more and more local businesses, paying attention to what they were tweeting, basically taking “notice” to what was going on around me, in the small town I have grown to love. Slowly, I started to notice there was an entire “world” outside of my own 4 walls, here in my small town!! LOL!! I know that sounds stupid, but it’s the truth. Up until a month ago, shopping for us consisted of Food Basics, Zehrs and Sobeys, Tim Horton’s, and Giant Tiger. Yes, occasionally we would enter the mall, or Wal-Mart, but shop in the city centre?? Unless we needed Rheo’s or Chocolate Barr’s, or the drug stores, nope not really ever. Saturday morning market .. haven’t been in at least 10 years, and the Slow Food Market downtown, didn’t even know what it was. But as I watched and read more on twitter, followed along “differently” on Facebook, I started to see, that maybe there was more to all of this than I had ever paid attention too.

I made my first visit, to the Slow Food Market, 3 weeks ago today (Sunday), and I can say I haven’t looked back since. I met a girlfriend for breakfast at the Diner, and then asked her if she would like to come with me to market. It was nerve racking to say the least, why?? I have NO clue, but it was, I was nervous, and intimidated about “stepping outside of my comfort zone”.  Like alot of people I’m not all that good with change, and for me this was a HUGE step outside my “box”. I don’t particularly care for crowds or unfamiliar situations, so heading off to market in the City Square, kind of forced me to face both of those things all at once. I bought some wonderful bread from Your Local Market Co-op, right at the market, stopped and got an Iced Coffee at Revel Caffe, and then wandered over to the Local Market Co-Op store to have a look around, where I bought some hummus and cheese, I think!!

I think I stopped at the Market Co-Op, 2 or 3 more times that first week, and thus a change was started!!! Since I have rambled on for far longer than I had originally planned in this post, I will leave the rest of the “changes” for another time, likely when it’s not 1:25am in the morning!! 🙂 I LOVE MY SMALL TOWN LIVING!!!




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