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Food-ograhy and some babble

on August 30, 2011

As I mentioned earlier this week in my post Loves Small Town Living, we have started to make some changes at home, due to one little trip to the Slow Food Market in Market Square. Changes that I hinted at were quite scary and intimidating for me at first. Stepping outside of the box, putting myself into new and different situations. Things I typically don’t like to do, things I have a hard time doing. I’m actually intimidated while I’m at market, still am to be 100% honest, heck downtown anything intimidates me. The things that run through my head as I head downtown are along the lines of … what will people think, what am I doing here, they are all far better at this than I am, what if they don’t like me, what if I annoy them, will they think I’m stupid, will they think I’m a phony and wonder what I’m doing here?? Because really let’s be honest, I surely don’t measure up to any of the influential people down there, with their training, degrees, chef school creditably, farms, shops, businesses, lifestyles, heck I’m just a short-order cook and waitress struggling to get by with 5 kids, 2 dogs and a husband. So, really what am I doing shopping in downtown stores, markets and bakery’s?? “My kind”, is better suited for Food Basics, Wal-Mart and Giant Tiger.

However, somehow I have managed to push passed my insecurities, by looking at the smiling faces of my little ladies, and knowing in my heart that what I am doing is trying to teach them a better way of living and eating. My goal is simple, to nourish my family with healthy food choices, teach them that local is better, and hopefully NOT pass on my slew of insecurities to them.

Every day I start my day with a coffee from Revel Caffe, well almost every day provided they are open before I go to work, and I have my “stuff” together in time to get there before work. Then after work I head back downtown to Revel again for another coffee. Why is this significant?? For a couple of different reasons actually, 1) it continues to force me outside of my comfort zone, really, Tim Horton’s is faster and has a drive-thru, I wouldn’t even have to get out of the van, however the coffee at Revel is MUCH better and healthier too, 2) I absolutely ADORE, the owner, Anne Campion, there is just something simply lovely about her that makes me want to smile a little brighter each day, to be a better person, and 3) I really do enjoy the atmosphere when I have time to “stay” and hang around at Revel. (*note on the insecurity list – Revel offers free WiFi, so I decided one Monday to take my laptop down for a little “me” time, but I was too afraid to ask for the password, because I didn’t want anyone to think I was too stupid not to know it). I have since asked for the password — it’s all about Baby Steps.

Next step of pushing outside the box, if we aren’t too busy in the evening (like no trip to Waterloo for soccer), then I decide what to make for dinner when I am done work, I go to the Butcher & Baker, on Wellington Street, to pick up some form of meat to throw on the BBQ, again, something 3 weeks ago I had never done, now this is a place that I knew about, but I never had been there. Again, one of those strange insecurities, about shopping downtown, it’s a little more expensive then buying meat at one of the local grocery stores (chains), however, it’s better quality meat, I buy just enough for dinner, and guess what …. it’s actually being EATEN!!! WOW!!! The girls notice a difference with the meat too. Next stop, Your Local Market Co-Op, to get some fresh produce to go with dinner, along with likely more Natural Yogurt from Hewitt’s Dairy for smoothies, possibly some cheese as well. I love YLMC, the staff is friendly and very helpful, but again, somedays, depending on where my head is at, it’s a stretch to go in, because all those insecurities creep up and reek havoc on my brain. The girls love coming to YLMC as well, mainly because they always manage to talk me into a chocolate milk lol, however, they also like being “a-part” of the grocery shopping and meal planning process. When we are able to have “family” dinners (which means everyone is home and no TV), which I have to admit is happily starting to happen more and more these days, the discussion around the table has been turning more and more to the quality of the foods they are eating and why they are better. Small things make me very happy!! Now, if the shopping excursion is on Friday, the final stop is to Downie Street Bake House, to pick up our standing order of Raisin Cinnamon Bread, along with whatever else we might be out of at home.  DSBH, is owned and operated by Alan Mailloux and his wife  Barb McMahon, they have to be some of the most nicest people I have met in a VERY long time. They are both extremely soft-spoken, friendly, and extremely inviting to be around. Yes, these observations have been made by stopping in to pick up bread, it’s not like we are all dinner friends, but sometimes, when the atmosphere is right, you just know. I follow both of them on Twitter as well as Barb’s blog, both linked above, and they are just interesting people.

All in all, this is the course of my week, add in work, soccer, and dealing with kids and that’s me in a nutshell. The changes are starting to become habits at home now, which is awesome, I’m loving the differences I’m seeing. The insecurities, well I’m still working on them, I think they will likely be around for alot longer than I want them to be, but today, right now, I’m not going to let them stop me. With all the babble out of the way, let’s get on to the couple of “food” pictures I have for you tonight!!

Raisin Cinnamon French Toast with Peaches

Raisin Cinnamon French Toast with Raspberries

Raisin Cinnamon Bread – from Downie Street Bake House, Raspberries and Peaches from Your Local Market Co-Op, with a dopple of Whip Cream and some icing sugar. The girls LOVED this!! The french toast mix was a little bit of an adventure this time for me though, because we had run out of milk, which of course I didn’t realize until it was too late, so I had about 2 oz of  chocolate milk to add to the egg mixture, and then I ad lib’d a little, added a bit of sugar, some vanilla, and some Natural Yogurt. The girls didn’t notice that it wasn’t “quite” the same as it normally is!!

100% Local Dinner

This was tonight’s dinner, and OH MY was it tasty!! Butterfly Pork Chops (boneless WOOT), from The Butcher & Baker, marinaded with some greek seasoning, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Fresh Green Beans, bought at the Slow Food Market on Sunday, cooked al dente and tossed with a little butter. Zucchini and mushrooms, from Your Local Market Co-Op, sauteed in Roasted Garlic Puree (also YLMC) and olive oil. Bread – multi-grain from Downie Street Bake House. Cold Veggie & Fruit Salad which has cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, onions, and feta cheese tossed in a Balsamic Vinegar and Pomegranate & Blueberry Vinegar with Roasted Garlic Puree, each of these ingredients purchased at Your Local Market Co-Op.

I honestly don’t know if life gets any better than this?? I mean yes, there is still laundry, taxes, insecurities, work, all the “nasty” pieces of life, but if I can sit down to a meal like tonight’s once or twice a week, knowing exactly where it all came from … well simply put I AM HAPPY!!!


12 responses to “Food-ograhy and some babble

  1. Jessika says:


  2. myoldanlac says:

    Thanks Jessika 😉

  3. Lindsay says:

    That was really wonderful to read! Thanks for sharing – you inspire me to move beyond my comfort zone when it is easier not to!

  4. myoldanlac says:

    Thanks for reading Lindsay … and it’s definitely a challenge to move outside of the comfort zone but very rewarding 😉

  5. You are a strong, brave and amazing woman, Krista. And what a wonderful example you are setting for your children (which, of course, won’t dawn on them until they are much older)!
    Know that we all have our own struggles and insecurities to battle with (as Barb has observed, “Basically, we are all scared, little six-year-olds inside; some just hide it better than others.”). Good for you for battling on and making life a great one to live.

  6. Melodie says:

    Oh this was FUN Krista!

  7. Anne Campion says:

    Krista – I echo Alan’s thoughts – we all carry our hidden fears, some morning I’ll sit with you over coffee and we can bring ours out for show and tell : ). We have many many times enjoyed wonderful meals At Madelyn’s over the years. Our children grew up loving our walks over for last minute meals. Your family always made it a treat to be there and your mom helped me teach our son Dylan a wonderful life lesson at 4 yrs of age (I’ll tell you about it sometime). I am LOVING getting to know you and Peter and the girls. Thanks for risking the visits so we can know you better, AND BTW dinner looked amazing!!!!

  8. myoldanlac says:

    Thank you Anne for reading!! Every day is a little more interesting now that’s for sure. Ohhh and the girls were good as per Auntie Anne’s instructions!! 🙂 We did let them know when we got back to the van tonight!! heheheh 🙂

  9. Krista, seriously, girl – you have no need to feel insecure or “less than” anyone else. Whenever I see you I think, “Now there’s an awesome mama!” You’ve got a beautiful family and that doesn’t just happen by chance.

    Whenever I feel a little insecure I remind myself that everyone else had to put their pants on one leg at a time that morning. And if that doesn’t ease my mind, I remember – everyone farts! High class chef or not. So there!

    I’m so glad you met Barb and Alan. They’ve got such an amazing perspective on life, and Barb ALWAYS knows the right thing to say!

  10. myoldanlac says:

    Thanks for reading Karen and your sense of humor 😉 I will remember those things 🙂

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