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Back-2-School Shopping Bonaza

on September 1, 2011

What do you get when you put 4 girls in a van, along with their parents and head off to go back to school shopping????

4 wild girls

1 “stunned” Daddy

1 ” stressed” Mommy

Welcome to the 2011, Moore Family Back to School Shopping Bonaza

For those that know me well, would simply shudder at the image of me going shopping, especially with all 4 girls, because frankly put I DESPISE shopping. My “female” genetics must have been cross-wired backwards at birth because I have never liked shopping. I do what is necessary and well, that’s about it. I find very little “joy” in looking through stuff for any length of time. But as a Momma, it’s one of those necessary evils I have to do at least twice a year on a “large” scale excursion. Back to school shopping and Christmas – and the ONLY way to get it done for me, is in one trip, I don’t like turning either of these things into “events”.

I will admit, that tonight wasn’t “THAT” bad, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being awful and 10 being perfection, I would rate this trip around a 6 🙂 The ladies, behaved relatively well all things considered, time of day, distance travelled, level of hunger, level of thirst …lol .. etc!! And for the most part they managed to get everything they “needed” to at least get through the first week of school.

Here are my two favorite lines of the night, the first from Keisha (Age :4)

I am going to live in Waterloo, with NO dogs and a hamster!!

NO idea where that one came from?? She comes out with some pretty “random stuff” from time to time that little girl. We were driving to Wal-Mart at the time after having finished at Old Navy. LOL!!! And the next is from Mya  (Age : 5). Mya is my sensitive girl, the littlest things can set her off into a fit of uncontrollable tears, but if she falls down while running, she bounces right up and says she’s ok.

Itching your nose with your finger – is ACTUALLY picking your nose!!

I don’t really know what we would do without any of the girls, because each and every one of them has such an interesting and unique personality!! 😉 These personalities, are what makes life interesting on a daily basis, and if you know how to read each one of them, things can actually go along fairly smooth.

Every year for the past couple of years, wonderfully generous friends of ours, Kurt Baraniecki and Catherine Mathie, have sent the girls their back to school supplies, from Alberta.  A gesture that we appreciate 100000%, because with 5 kids, B2SS, is expensive. This year though, because the girls are getting older Auntie Catherine decided to send them gift certificates for Wal-Mart instead, so they could pick out their own things!! 🙂 Watching them open their individually addressed gift cards was a riot, and something that I should have TAKEN pictures of!! DOH!!! Since, that moment in time was an epic fail on my part, we did take some “candid” pictures of our shopping excursion tonight for Kurt and Catherine!! 🙂

All the STATS on 2011-2012 School Year

Danielle at Old Navy Looking FINE!!!

Olivia waiting for dinner at McDonalds

Mya waiting for dinner at McDonalds

YES I now realize, that Mya’s picture is actually dated incorrectly!!! ***SMASHING HEAD ON KEYBOARD***

Keisha Waiting for dinner at McDonalds

Danielle's Supplies

Pictured: Backpack, Binder (but it’s inside lol), highlighters, pencil crayons, erasers, pens, lined paper, thermos, math set, calculator, socks, underwear, jeans, capris, long sleeved shirt, and a T-Shirt. Still needs SHOES!!!

Olivia's Supplies

Pictured : Backpack (zebra stripes, can’t really see it), thermos, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, pencil case, socks, underwear, capris, jeans, leggings, 2 long sleeved shirts, one T-Shirt. Still needs SHOES!!

Mya's Supplies

Pictured: Backpack (again can’t see it, butterflies), pencil case, thermos, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, pencil case, socks, underwear, jeans, capris, leggings,  2 long sleeve shirts, 1 T-shirt. STILL needs shoes

Keisha's Supplies

Pictured: Backpack (where??? lol underneath all her other stuff – Peace signs), pencil crayons, crayons, pencils (she was VERY excited about these), thermos, socks, underwear, 2 pairs of jeans, leggings, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 T-shirt, and also STILL needs SHOES!!

End of Shopping Excursion

Once again I would like to thank Kurt and Catherine for their gift cards along with Mom, who paid for all of the girls clothes and shoes!!!


Until next time,

Ciao, Krista

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