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Shoes & Food

on September 2, 2011

It’s done, complete, finished, back to school shopping 2011, is officially OVER, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. I braved the mall today with all 4 of my lovelies in tow alone, slightly afraid, but we all survived. My girls, spend the majority of the summer in crocs, barefeet or soccer cleats so today’s shopping adventure was desperately needed. Keisha was down to one pair of crocs – however they are two different colors, one is pink and the other is red. HA, yeah that’s how we roll at the Moore House **rolling eyes now**. Now I don’t know about other families, but back to school shoe shopping for us is a major undertaking, because it means bringing 8 new pairs of shoes into the house. I think we could honestly set up a small shoe store, if it wasn’t for the fact that most would be mismatched and or slightly chewed by one of the two furbabies. So, at this point in the girls life, most of them don’t get expensive shoes. Summer shoes, are bought at the dollar store or Giant Tiger for the little ones, because they are just too hard on stuff right now, to spend any real money on shoes. Ok, seriously, enough shoe-babble! Here is a picture of the newest members of the collection though 😉

Newest Additions to the Ever-Growing Shoe Collection at the Moore House

Actually we made our well, everyone was even happy with their selections. Which is a minor miracle in and of itself!! LOL!! 🙂 Everyone now has indoor and outdoor shoes for the year. Some light up, some slip on, there is velcro and pink, brown and sparkles and laces, a shoe lovers dream. The cool part, all 8 pairs only cost $168 and change, at least 4 pairs were on sale, and then because Payless has my email address on file, we received an additional 15% off. SAWEET!!!!

Other than shoe shopping it was a pretty low key day!! 🙂 I made my daily visits to Revel and Your Local Market Co-Op, for fuel in the form of Americano’s and a treat of a Coconut Latte!! OMGOODNESS SOOOO YUMMY!!! And then to market for havarti, mushrooms, red onion, and bread. Tonight’s dinner for the girls was a mixture of shapes and sizes all cut up on a platter for them to eat at will what they wanted!! They LOVE dinners like this and typically eat a whole lot more because of it 😉 A little food-ography of tonight’s dinner selection!!

Sept 1, 2011 Dinner

We have boneless skinless chicken breast sliced, cucumbers, Havarti cheese flowers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, hummus, apple slices, green grape quarters, raisin bread flower and whole wheat toast flowers!! Now if I could only get some baking done …. things would actually be on track!! HA!!



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