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Labour Day Weekend 2011 Part One

on September 5, 2011

The last holiday weekend of the summer is upon us, and I have to say I’m so sad to see it arrive. I’m not ready for the summer holidays to be over, for the girls to go back to school, for my little teeny, tiny, Keisha to start school. We’ve had such a fun-filled summer, but there is always more that can be done, more fun to be had. However, this isn’t the case and we must send the babies back to school. Back to structured days, homework, packing lunches, earlier bedtimes, much earlier mornings!! Ugh!!

We have tried to pack a few more memories into the 2011 Summer Memories Vault with the girls this weekend, starting with Friday night swimming with Daddy at the Lions Pool. Where Keisha decided to finally put her sweet little face into the water and blow bubbles, plugged her nose and just had fun with it. I was at work but really wish I could have been there to snap the odd picture of her newest milestone!! I did however, have a chance in between shifts to do my normal Friday errands, with a stop at Downie Street Bake House, for our Raisin Cinnamon bread. Actually, I also picked up 2 loaves of Twist & Shout, another Raisin Bread, Foccacia (with black olives, sun-dried tomato and cheese), and a Stratford Sourdough, which honestly is almost too pretty to eat!! 🙂 All for the staff at the diner!! 🙂 I have them all hooked now too!!

Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to head off to Toronto for the weekend to spend some much needed quality time with family. The girls were over-the-top thrilled to spend the day with their little cousin Zara, Auntie Anna-Lyn and Uncle Drew!! Life often gets in the way of us visiting each other very often, which makes each visit very special. It was quite the road trip, with a stop at Revel Caffe for a couple of Americano’s, a stop at Your Local Market Co-Op, for a basket full of goodies, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines (SO DELICOUS), roasted pepper hummus, salsa, melon, and tabbouleh to bring for lunch in Toronto!! Next it was off to Kitchener … for a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a “treat” breakfast at McDonald’s for the girls … and shopping for a birthday gift for Zara!! Then it was 401 Eastbound to Toronto, traffic was light, the sun was shining, the air in the van was working well (Thank God, cause it was wickedly humid), and we were there in NO TIME !! It was actually perfect timing, for the plans of the day, as we were taking the kids for a swim at the Rotary Pool, which was awesome!! A community pool, divided into sections, and it was FREE, and only minutes away from the other Moore Clan’s house!! The girls had great fun in the pool, I wanted to get more pictures, but it’s highly frowned upon so I only managed to snap a couple 😦

Keisha in the Pool

Zara getting changed after the swim

Zara giving me the "LOOK:

After the swim it was back to Auntie’s house for lunch. OMGOODNESS!!! I ATE toooo much yesterday!! LOL!! Homemade Turkey Sliders, which were ridiculously tasty … Anna-Lyn’s special recipe so tasty. Accompanied by all the fresh fruit I brought and the dips, some nachos, so delicious!! The girls played and played, then did presents, blew bubbles, played more, had dinner. Again TOO MUCH FOOD!! HA!! BBQ’d steaks, baked potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, fruit, dips, pork rolls filled with asparagus and swiss cheese!! Followed with some delicious Vegan Cupcakes!!! What a great day!!

Like every day though it had to come to an end, poor little Zara was NOT happy about us leaving, so very sad to watch her cry like that, but she did have fun riding her bike to say good-bye. The drive home was eventful with the twitter feed full of thunderstorm watches and warnings!! EEKS!!! But we made it home safe and sound!!

Ok, going to post this now … stay tuned for more Labour Day Weekend 2011, tomorrow



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