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Labour Day Weekend 2011 – Final Chapter

on September 7, 2011

Let’s do a quick recap – Friday – worked a split shift. Saturday – spent the day in Toronto with Peter’s brother and wife and our darling little niece, Zara!!! Swimming, birthday presents, and alot of food!! 🙂 Really that is what every day should be like 😉 Oh yeah and dealing with thunderstorms and wicked rain!! EEKS!!

Traditionally, the Sunday of the long weekend, we take the girls to the Drive In, as our end of the summer family night, however, Mother Nature had other plans for us this year, and it rained and was miserable all day! Here is a picture of last years drive-in, Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore is what we saw. Yeah bit of a freak like that I actually remember the movie!! LOL!!

Labour Day Weekend 2010 Drive In

It’s kind of neat to see the changes in the girls in this picture compared to now 😉 Here is a picture of our first trip to the drive in this summer, which was quite early in the season, before school was out, we went to see RIO, and DIARY of a Wimpy Kid 2!! Both great movies!! 🙂

1st Drive In Night of 2011 Season!!

Since Mother Nature decided it wasn’t our time to go to the Drive In, we stayed home and rented movies instead!! Scooby Do, and Marley & Me, the Puppy Years (the second movie), the girls watched them both repeatedly Sunday and Monday lol, so they must have been good !! As my previous blog entry said, I spent the better part of Sunday scrappin’ which was great, because I haven’t actually done it in a long time … too long actually. Dinner Sunday night was BBQ’d Steak, baked potatoes, green beans, zucchini with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes!! Everything but the steak was purchased locally at the Slow Food Market on Sunday. It’s INCREDIBLE, the difference local fresh food makes in the taste!! Mmm mmm good!!

Sunday Dinner

Sunday I was able to have my “ME” time, starting with a trip to Market, and then onto Revel Caffe, for a little alone time, and LOTS of coffee!! LOL!! 🙂 I spent some time there editing pictures for scrapping with, writing on my blog, and reading the twitter feed. It’s incredible really, in the past month all of the interesting piece of information that I have learned because of twitter!! LOL!! Some people say it’s useless, I think it’s worth the time I spend on it each day. It’s definitely opened my eyes up to the world around me, and on different issues. I am actually starting to feel as though I am using my brain again, instead of just existing, learning a little, growing a little, changing a little all good things. While I go to market on Sunday’s, Peter still goes and does the grocery shopping, God Bless him, and then once they are all put away, he comes to meet me for a coffee as well, and then we head home for lunch with the girls.

Monday – was a sad day, the LAST day of summer vacation and the weather was HORRIBLE!!! Ugh, definitely gave us all a little insight that fall is definitely on our doorstep that’s for sure. To brighten everyone’s morning though I made some super yummy french toast with  Alan Mailloux’s incredible Sour Cherry Chocolate Sour Dough bread …. OMGOODNESSSSSS!!!!! Alan, owns and operates Downie Street Bake House in Stratford, and I may literally have to put a restraining order on MYSELF, from going there and buying bread, because it’s just toooo good!! 🙂 The girls are in love with the fancy french toast(s) I am serving these days with Alan’s bread! Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but I do have a picture of the loaf before I cut it up!!

Sour Cherry Chocolate Sour Dough

Is that not the MOST delightful sight you have ever seen??? Then it was onto Danielle and Olivia preparing their school supplies for the first day of school, while Mya and Keisha spent the better part of the day, playing LaLaLoopsy — which is some sort of little doll type things!! All in all it was a great day, a great summer, a wonderful last holiday weekend!! We also had soccer on Monday, but it’s too late to get into that post right now ….

Until next time!!


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