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2011 is over – onto 2012

Saturday September 17th 2011, marked the “official” end of the 2011 soccer season for the Waterloo Warriors U13 Girls team!! This was the day of their SWRSL Youth Cup Finals!! As mentioned in my previous blog entry – YEAH YEAH YEAH, the girls fought hard to get themselves to the finals. Showing their true “Warrior” spirit the weekend before!! To come up against the SWRSL U13 League Champions, Cambridge United in the finals, was going to the the ULTIMATE test of season. Cambridge finished the regular season with an outstanding record of 15 Wins and 3 ties, no losses of their sheet. So it was a definite determination for our girls to give this team their first loss of the season. And that is EXACTLY what the girls did, they managed to squeak out a 1-0 win for the Finals!!

What a fantastic finish to a brilliant season, the girls played their hearts out on those last 2 weekends in particular, they left it all on the field!! Team work at it’s finest, ahhhhh life was good!! 🙂 The girls got to shave Coach Mike’s head, we went for a team meal together at the Diner, good stuff!! Here are some pictures from the “final” day!!

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And that ends the 2011 Soccer season!!

With another season behind us, it’s time to start to prepare for the 2012 Season, tryouts started this past weekend … Sept. 24-25!! Ekks life never stops!!

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Coach says: Perfect Practice makes??


Coach Mike .... aka .... YEAH YEAH YEAH

The 2011, outdoor soccer season has almost come to an end, and it’s been a great season.  This past weekend the Waterloo Warriors U13 girls played two of their BEST games of soccer all season long, to earn themselves a spot in this coming weekends YOUTH CUP FINALS!!! The first game of the day on Saturday, the Warriors were faced with one of their nemesis teams from league play this season, Woolwich, out of three games played against them they had a win, a tie and a loss. So we knew that depending on “what team” showed up to play Saturday morning, would determine the outcome of the game. LOL!! Not that the girls don’t always try hard, but some games, the true WARRIORS show up, while others, they are sleepy Warriors or distracted Warriors!! Or simply 13 year old girls!! HA!!! Much to the dismay of the coaching staff and parents alike, however, they typically manage to come off the field laughing, in spite of anxious coaches or screaming parents!! So really, they have it figured out, it’s for the love of the game, the end result doesn’t matter quite as much to them. Thankfully, they also LOVE to win, so they do show up as WARRIORS more than not!! The true WARRIORS showed up to play the first game of the day (this is a knock out cup), you lose you go home!! They battled hard and scored first, which is typically unusual for them, however Woolwich managed to tie it up before half time!! Ugh, a scary game at this point, because no game ends in a tie, all games must have a WINNER. As the mother of a keeper, this is awful, especially when there are two keepers on the team, and guess who was going in net for the second half of the game!! Eeeksss … Danielle!! After a pep talk from the coaches at half time – the Warriors hit the field fighting right off the whistle in the 2nd half. They battled hard all the way to the final whistle, game ending in a 4-1 WIN for the WARRIORS!!


We had time to feed our players, re-hydrate them, watch another game, and then it was our turn to hit the field for the second game of the day. Still in complete DO OR DIE mode, the Warriors took the field against yet another nemesis from their league play, STRATFORD!!! We held the same record with them a win, a tie, and a loss, this was a MUST WIN situation.   For Danielle, this was the biggest game of the season for her, playing her old teammates, in the Cup Round. Let me set the stage for you, the Warriors had already played a game, because it’s a 7 team division, Stratford, received the “bye”, so this was their first game of the day. One would think that, this would give Stratford a slight upper hand, in the game situation, however, the WARRIORS truly took on their name and rose to the occasion. Emily, was in net for the first half of the game again, causing me, with my newly dyed hair to cover the gray, to sprout a few new grey hair’s because this now means, that Danielle, will be in net for the 2nd half of the game, with the possibility of overtime and penalty shots. Both teams battled extremely hard throughout the first half, which ended in a 0-0 tie!!!

I can’t lie, the knot in my stomach was getting bigger and bigger as each minute of the 2nd half remained scoreless. I started having flashbacks to last seasons Cup game (when Danielle still played for Stratford), they were playing Kitchener, and the game ended in a tie, went to overtime, ended in a tie again, and then went to penalty shots. They lost in the shoot out, with none of her team-mates offering her any condolences, a hug, nothing after the game was through. It was a hard game to watch, and I was dreading that the potential for a similar situation was brewing, with each passing minute of the scoreless 2nd half. The half came to an end, at a 0-0 tie again, now moving onto 2 – 10 minute overtime halves, NOT golden goal, meaning they had to play them out in their entirety. Again, ending in a 0-0 tie, so it was ONTO PENALTY shots!!! I am do NOT deal well with PK’s, actually, I start to cry as soon as I know it’s coming down to that!! LOL!! Yeah big tough me = MARSHMALLOW, when my baby is in the line of fire like that.

Danielle however, manages to somehow remain as cool as a cucumber, even though I like to call her Nervous Nellie, she gives off the appearance of 100% confidence. The Warriors took the first shot in the shoot out, GOAL!!!!! Now, it’s Stratford’s turn, Danielle takes her position, stares down her opponet, OVER THE NET!! Warriors up again, GOAL!!!! Stratford, WIDE MISSED THE NET!!! Warriors 3rd shooter, DANIELLE, I really wanted to run and hide at this point, typically a goalie doesn’t shoot at this age, but she has a great shot, GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle walks back to the net to set up for the 3rd shot, but before hand, reaches her hand out to the Stratford Keeper, and helps her up, gives her a pat on the back. TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP, I was NEVER so proud of my girl. The goal was beautiful, but the actions afterwards, were REMARKABLE!!! Not only did she give the keeper something to remember, she also proved to her old teammates, that she left for the love of the game, not for any hard feelings. She simply wanted to play better soccer and more of it, than what Stratford could offer. Stratford’s 3rd shot, WIDE OF THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of the Warriors played their hearts out on Saturday, they left it ALL on the pitch. It was beautiful soccer and how the game is supposed to be played. Coach Mike, took them all for ice cream after the game, I think actually he may have been more excited than the girls, if that is possible. He’s been a great coach all season long, pushing the girls to reach their highest potential, teaching them the LOVE OF THE GAME!!! It’s a beautiful game, this game of soccer, if you don’t love it, don’t play it, if you love it, play it hard!!!

Here are some of the pictures I took in the first game, yeah I was too nervous in the 2nd game to trust myself with the camera!! LOL!! 🙂

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Weekend to Remember

Ohhh it’s been a while since I have been able to get here and update the web about the going’s on of the Moore Family!! 🙂 Soccer season is fully upon us now, driving 6 days a week to Waterloo!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!! The U13’s just finished their 3rd and final tournament of the season this past weekend, in Kalamazoo Michigan!! I would love to say that we came home with some flashy hardware but that wasn’t the case, we did however, come home with a ton of memories, bags of shopping, fortified friendships and a solid team of hardworking, fun loving players!! 🙂 The girls definitely rose to the occasion playing 4 full games in 2 days, playing some extremely talented opposition. They never backed down, they never gave up, playing right to final whistle, truly inspiring to watch.


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Happy Mother’s Day 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in my life. Especially to my wonderfully supportive mom!! I truly would be lost without you Mom. You are a true inspiration to me and all of the girls, thank you for being YOU, and for allowing all of us to be US!! I love you!!!

Oh what a weekend!!! It’s been a race to the finish that’s for sure 🙂 Friday night, we cleaned the bedrooms, bathrooms – ya know all that fun and funky stuff that needs to be done on a weekly basis, that one would preferably leave neglected!! LOL!! None the less we got it done!!! Everyone was in bed early Friday night because Saturday was going to be a HUGE day!! SOCCER SOCCER AND MORE SOCCER!!! 🙂

Saturday morning started for myself and Peter at 5:20am, I was in the shower getting ready for work, Peter was up next getting ready for soccer, and then we woke up Danielle, seeing as she was the one that was playing!! LOL!! 🙂 Peter and Danielle were out of the house by 6:30am, heading off to RIM PARK for an 8am exhibition game against the U14 Girls B team from Waterloo. I was off to work at 7:30am, leaving Amber (our babysitter extraordinarie) with the girls. I worked until noon, Peter and Danielle were home around 11. Everyone had lunch, and then it was back to Waterloo to BEHCTEL Park with Mya, for her first Saturday of soccer. Never was there a child more excited to play her first game of soccer and have her Dad as her coach!! 🙂 I love this child!! LOL!! She’s on the SKYBLUE Timbit team …. so adorable!! LOL!! 🙂

When Mya’s soccer was over it was back home, and then Peter and I were off to Toronto to watch Toronto FC play against Houston Dynamo!! Awesome fun!!! We had a blast, we had great seats, the game was fabulous, and well of course it was extremely nice to have some alone time with my sweetie!! We laughed alot in the car, being silly and at times stupid, lots of fun. It was a LONG day of driving for Peter though, as well as just a long day in general.

Let’s have a look at the driving … to RIM Park 62.85 km each way = 125.7km, to BECHTEL Park 57.17km each way = 114.34km, to BMO Field 148.81km each way = 297.62km. For a total of 537.66km, driven yesterday!!! No wonder he was getting tired on the way home!! LOL!!! 🙂 All for the love of the game that’s for sure!!

We were back to Waterloo today, for Danielle’s first regular season game against Cambridge.What an absolutely GORGEOUS day for soccer. It was almost picture perfect, sun, warmth, just a little windy, but not enough to complain about. We took all of the girls with us to the game, because thankfully RIM has a great playground right by the turf that Danielle’s team was playing on today. The little girls played and played and PLAYED on the playground, and I actually got to watch the entire game!! WOW!! Nellie had a fabulous game in net today, only let in one goal, now, if her team mates could score a goal or two, things would be perfect. LOL!! They lost the game 1-0. But all in all it was a great game. Nellie made some incredible saves and we are both very proud of her for the continued effort and dedication she is putting into the game. I truly believe good things are just around the corner for these girls. I’m looking forward to their next game here in Stratford against Nellie’s old team on Wednesday.

New Waterloo Track Suit

Matching Track Suits

Mya's First Day

So Thirsty

The Evil Eye


Us Pre-game

Red Patch Boys


Easter Weekend 2011

Let’s see it’s been 3 days since my last post … so what has happened since Good Friday?? Saturday morning we all headed off to soccer practice with Peter and Danielle, on the road at 9am. Armed with books, movies, toys and happy girls. The sun was out in full force, thus improving everyone’s overall mood. Our plan was to go to practice and then head to Wal-Mart for some last-minute shopping, for Easter shoes for Mya and Danielle. Practice was from 10-11:30, the little girls and I dropped Peter and Danielle off, went to Timmy’s to get Mommy another coffee and the girls a Fruit Smoothie to share 🙂 I was interested in watching soccer, however, the little ladies did not have the patience to sit inside and watch practice, so we went back outside to the van and they watched Megamind in the van, with the doors open letting the sunshine warm their tiny little souls and the wind whip through their curls. This gave me an hour and a half to work on perfecting my Scrabble game on my phone along with many rounds of Angry Birds!! LOL!!!

Enjoying MegaMind in the Van

After practice we were off to Wal-Mart, HA HA HA, this was a short-lived visit, seeing as when we arrived we realized that we had left the bank card at home …. DOH!!! Thankfully we didn’t have the girls out of the van before we realized it, so we carried on home, with some mildly unhappy little girls. Peter, Keisha and Olivia stayed home after lunch, and just Mya, Danielle and I ventured out to the Mall for shoes shopping. Now for any of you that know me well, we know that I HATE SHOPPING!!! Like truly hate it, especially, on a long weekend, boooooooooo, but we made it through!!! Everyone got what they needed and I managed to get out alive!!

As I had hoped the weather on Saturday co-operated and we were able to take the girls to the drive in to see HOP!! 🙂 It was a great movie – everyone enjoyed it and we didn’t freeze to death. Which is always an added bonus!

1st Trip to the Mustang 2011

Sunday morning was a typical chaotic Easter morning for us, the girls were excited to find their baskets and eggs. Egg hunting was interesting this year … because the darling dogs also got in on the action …. eating 3 eggs prior to the hunt on us … ugh … actually Porkee brought 2 eggs to bed with him through out of the night delivering them to Peter and I, he dropped on directly into my hand at about 4am!! One thing for certain, life in our house is never dull. HA HA HA!! Once the girls consumed the required amount of chocolate, it was time to shower and get ready for Mass. After Mass, it was off to Nana’s house (my grandmother, the girls great-grandmother), for a quaint little potluck luncheon of 37 people EEKS!!! Lunch was wonderful with salads, homemade buns, ham all the trimmings. Then there was the traditional Easter Egg hunt in the front yard, which somehow I missed getting any pictures of, but the highlight of every Easter gathering is the SMASHING of the BUNNIES!!! My cousin Jeff, who honestly is a kid trapped in a man’s body, lol, purchases 1 or 2 large hollow Rheo Thompson’s bunnies, for all the cousins to SMASH and take home pieces of. The table is covered in plastic and all the kids are given a wooden spoon and away they go!! 🙂 So much fun!!



MYA with the BUNNY

After Nan’s we had an afternoon of cards and coffee with Andy and Donna … followed by Erie Drive In for dinner!! 🙂 It was a great weekend!! Now back to reality!!

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Mother Nature is Losing Her Mind

If I ever thought the world was going wacko, today was definitely one of those days. I woke up to the sound of the bathtub running at 7:15am …. **scratching head and wiping the sleep from my eyes???** Peter is still laying beside me in bed, along with Keisha, Patrick and I believe Porkee was at the foot of the bed …. so …. who the heck is running the tub at this time of the morning? I ask Peter, and his reply is “Mya is having a “relaxing” bath” Ohhhh my sweet sweet Mya, I laughed out loud at this … and decided it was time to get up and face the day.

Stumbling down the stairs to find some coffee, I glanced outside and noticed …. **gasp** SUNSHINE!!!! My step lightened a little, and I was doing a wee happy dance, thinking about the day ahead and what this might mean. A soccer game with no rain, yes it would still be cold, but no rain would be a blessing. HOORAY!!!

Too lazy to make a fresh pot of coffee, I pour a cup from the previous night’s pot and warm it up …. yup laziness at it’s finest right there!! BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Goes the microwave … nice hot coffee ready to drink … off I go to snuggle into my spot at the table with my computer to start the morning routine, a little Cityville, a little Farmville, followed by some Tetris battling, aka … Facebook addict right here!!!I have no trouble admitting that!! HA HA!!!

I look out the back door … **GASP** …. sunshine is GONE … and its SNOWING!!!!! WTH!!!!!!!!! Really, are you kidding me, SNOW, what the heck is going on Mother Nature …. it’s April 17th, yes yes yes I KNOW, we live in Canada, I know that we can expect some snow from time to time in the next month but REALLY??? Are you KIDDING Me? I mean I know all too well about snow in April … turn back the clock to April 27th, 2002, our wedding day, driving to Woodstock after the reception, SNOW SNOW SNOW, wet slushy SNOW!!! But I mean this today, was just ridiculous!! I actually felt a little nauseous, thinking about Danielle’s reaction to having to play her game today in the snow/cold/wind/definitely not great soccer conditions. She was none too impressed playing yesterday in the pouring rain and whistling wind, so I was confident that the freak snowstorm was not going to do anything to lift her spirits either. 

Peter and the girls come downstairs around 7:30, with Danielle stumbling into the shower, my first question is “How is she?”, Peter says she hasn’t looked outside yet LOL!! Poor thing! Around 7:45, I send an email to Coach Mike, to check on field status, because they are playing on a brand new turf field the City of Waterloo, tends to close it when there is snow. I also, didn’t want to have to drive to Waterloo, only to find out that the game was indeed cancelled due to field/weather conditions. HA HA HA!! That would definitely pissed me off. Mike replied almost immediately saying that the phone call/email to cancel hadn’t come at that point. We carry on with our morning preparations for the day, everyone has breakfast … Danielle’s new “tournament breakfast” consists of a 3-egg ham and broccoli omelette.  Next, is the process of finding enough layers for Danielle to wear for her game. 

10:00 arrives, still no cancellation, so we are on our way to Waterloo. As we are leaving the house, the wind is howling, and the snow is swirling, much like a day in November definitely not a day fit for April. Our drive is uneventful, listening to some music, playing Angry Birds on the iPhone, chatting occasionally about the insanity of the weather. In our 35 minute drive to the pitch, the weather changes no less than 10 times, grey, snow, sun, wind, grey, snow, sun, you get the point. As we our in the last 4 minutes of the drive, the snow and wind is so thick that you can’t see 200 feet ahead of you …. now really?? How the HELL are they going to play in this??? They wouldn’t be able to see the length of the pitch!!! For Saturday’s games the coaches had put up tarps over the shelters on the pitch to protect the players from the wind, because the wind had switched direction over the course of the night, when we arrived the tarps were flying and flapping towards the heavens!! Peter and Danielle, go to try to secure them, Mike arrives as well, they decide to take them down completely as the wind is blowing so strong. The girls were going to have to tough it out today. Not that the tarps would have protected them from much today, seeing as the wind was blowing directly in their faces.

Snow Game April 17th, 2011

I will admit, that I sat in the van until game time, because although I love and adore my darling daughter, I was not willing to freeze my butt off, just to watch them warm up. The referee doesn’t show up, likely because he really didn’t feel like freezing his butt off either!! LOL!! So, Peter was nominated to referee the game. Likely a good thing, so he could keep warm from running around. 🙂 The game, well, hmmm, how to describe the game, it was interesting to say the least. The girls from both teams looked like a collection of riff-raff, trying to keep warm out on the pitch. 

As a new member of the team, it’s been an interesting transition for all of us, to how things are done with a new team. Now, I will admit, although I am typically a very social person, I am having a hard time “warming” up to the parent group associated with this team. They are all nice people, but their not “my” people so to speak. The girls have been amazing with Danielle, which ultimately is ALL that matters. One of the toughest things for me, is the parents of this team are all very vocal while on the sidelines. YES YES YES, I KNOW, I am a VERY vocal and LOUD parent on the sidelines as well, however, I do know that when I am being a vocal parent, it’s encouragement and praise that is coming out of my mouth. We signed a Parent Contract this week, and one of the main points … DO NOT COACH FROM THE SIDELINES!!! I’m not sure what part of this some of these parents didn’t understand but WOW!! 

Mike and Peter, have a very specific philosophy on the game of soccer, and what they are trying to teach the girls. Possession play soccer — opposed to the typical/traditional KICK and RUN soccer game. I understand, both styles of soccer, basically because I live with a house full of soccer fanatics, so I either pick it up and understand it, or well, simply I sit in a corner by myself. HA HA!! Unfortunately, a decent percentage of the parent with this team … don’t understand possession play soccer.

Thus causing my blood pressure to rise listening to them scream and scream and SCREAM at the girls, instructions that are so counter productive to what they are being taught, along with negative comments because they aren’t doing it “right”!! From watching the game you can also see the confusion for the players as well though, because their coaches are telling them one thing, and then you have the parents yelling wildly on the other side of the pitch the exact opposite.  The toughest part I think for the girls, is the internal struggle of who to listen too??? From the day they were born they have been told to RESPECT their parents, to LISTEN to their parents, but when they are on the soccer field, they are supposed to somehow drown out their parent’s voices and listen to their coaches. At 12 and 13, this is still a tough thing to do, by 15 and 16, the girls will tell their parents to SHUT it, and by 17+, the parents aren’t there anymore lol!!

Danielle actually emailed Mike tonight, to express her concerns about the sideline coaching issue that the team has, and has requested that they have a team discussion about this problem. As she puts it, “they are interfering, with “my mental game”, now at 12, and a keeper, and new to the team, we are extremely proud of her for making the decision to email her coach. We had a lengthy discussion about it on the way home, and she’s very insightful for such a young player. Makes a momma’s heart proud!! 🙂 

Back to the topic of Mother Nature losing her mind though, the first half of the game, was wind, snow, and then …. **GASP** …. the sun came out briefly, Peter played on a little longer in the first half, because of the sudden change in the weather. The second half, the girls were faced with grey, wind, blinding snow, hail and LIGHTENING, and THE GAME was CALLED!!! Weirdest day of LIFE today!!! LOL!!

Here is a 45 second video I took on my phone during the first half …. Danielle is the keeper … 🙂


Until the next time ….. live laugh and love deeply!!! 

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It was a cold wet start

I swear that Mother Nature hates soccer players who are eager to get onto the pitch in April!! Today, was the first day of Danielle’s mini-tournament (just exhibition between some of the other Waterloo Club teams), first game ending in a 1-0 victory for the U13 girls (Danielle’s team), and the second game ended in a 0-0 tie. But seriously Mother Nature was on the crack pipe hard last night, because it felt like, late October or early November weather today!! BOOOOO!!!! The girls spent an hour to an hour and a half outside everyday after school this week, playing in th sunshine, one day of soccer ….. NOPE …. FULL ON wind/rain storm!! UGH!!!! Peter has a brilliant re-cap of the day’s events over on his blog 🙂

CLICK here for more details

Praying that Mother Nature will smile kindly upon us for tomorrow’s game 🙂

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