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2011 is over – onto 2012

Saturday September 17th 2011, marked the “official” end of the 2011 soccer season for the Waterloo Warriors U13 Girls team!! This was the day of their SWRSL Youth Cup Finals!! As mentioned in my previous blog entry – YEAH YEAH YEAH, the girls fought hard to get themselves to the finals. Showing their true “Warrior” spirit the weekend before!! To come up against the SWRSL U13 League Champions, Cambridge United in the finals, was going to the the ULTIMATE test of season. Cambridge finished the regular season with an outstanding record of 15 Wins and 3 ties, no losses of their sheet. So it was a definite determination for our girls to give this team their first loss of the season. And that is EXACTLY what the girls did, they managed to squeak out a 1-0 win for the Finals!!

What a fantastic finish to a brilliant season, the girls played their hearts out on those last 2 weekends in particular, they left it all on the field!! Team work at it’s finest, ahhhhh life was good!! 🙂 The girls got to shave Coach Mike’s head, we went for a team meal together at the Diner, good stuff!! Here are some pictures from the “final” day!!

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And that ends the 2011 Soccer season!!

With another season behind us, it’s time to start to prepare for the 2012 Season, tryouts started this past weekend … Sept. 24-25!! Ekks life never stops!!

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Stop Spying

The government is trying to ram through an anti-Internet set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to surrender our personal information to “authorities” without a warrant.

This bizarre legislation will create Internet surveillance that is:

  • Warrantless: A range of “authorities” will have the ability to invade the private lives of law-abiding Canadians and our families using wired Internet and mobile devices, without a warrant or any justification.
  • Invasive and Dangerous: The laws leave our personal and financial information less secure and more susceptible to cybercrime.
  • Costly: Internet services providers may be forced to install millions of dollars worth of spying technology and the cost will be passed down to YOU.

If enough of us speak out now the government will have no choice but to stop this mandatory online spying scheme.

Sign the petition now, and forward it to everyone you know →


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Whew!!!! What a week!!

Starting with my littlest peanut heading off to school for the first time to Junior Kindergarten, leaving me at home with an empty nest. It was a big week for Keisha, she had 3 days of school, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I have to say she handled it like a champ. Monday night she did fall asleep early on the couch after dinner, while watching a movie and snuggling with me, she had about a 40 minute power-snooze, and then it was up for stories, bathtime and back to bed – best part she slept all night in her own bed!! Ha!! Small miracles, I will take them!! Tuesday morning was a little “tense” because she was NONE to happy about not going back to school, this was a constant battle with Mya, last year as well, wanting to go everyday!! Mya has been doing very well this year, I think she is really enjoying being the “big” sister with Keisha in her class!! I love that they are in the same class together!!

Danielle and Olivia have survived their 2nd week of school, and I’m happy to report that the homework was kept to a dull roar this week 🙂 Danielle (Grade 8) typically has about 20-30 minutes of Math every day, and she was thrilled to report tonight at dinner that her first quiz mark was 85%!!! SO very proud of how hard my girly works!! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the girls change, and grow up. Gone is the girl that lost her own head from the upstairs of the house to the downstairs, today she’s actually starting to “get it” together!! I wasn’t sure I would ever see the day!! LOL!! And what a tremendous help she is, from watching her sisters, to drying the endless supply of dishes, to helping with lunch packing!! The fun part for me, is getting to do it with her and teach her while we are doing these little everyday jobs!! This morning, the plan was to pack leftover garlic noodles for everyone for lunch, however, when it came time to find them … HA … key word there, FIND them!!! Well, we couldn’t find them in the fridge!! ACK!!! 8:15am – 4 lunches to pack – can’t find the planned meal!!! DANG!!! But together we managed to get all 4 lunches packed quickly and efficiently in about 5 minutes!!! Everyone was happy and out the door on time!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Some of the other changes have to do with me, and my personal habits and some of my mini goals!! However, as much as I wanted to write about all of that tonight… it has come to the time that I must submit to my defeat and wander off to bed!! Another day will dawn before I know it and simply I need more sleep!!! But before I wander away to la-la-land, I will leave you with a couple of pictures from this week!!

Local Food

Another super yummy dinner of local foods, pork chops (not local), topped with homemade apple sauce, garlic pasta with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and broccoli! Veggies all from Your Local Market Co-Op, along with the garlic!! So yummlicious!!

Danielle's Thursday Night Pre-Championship Dinner

Coach Mike, said eat pasta Thursday night, we ate PASTA!! With lots of other yummy’s to go along with it!!

Friday Date Night Mocha Latte at Revel Caffe

Peter and I have been trying to have a regular “date” night, on Fridays!! What a great way to end the week, to spend an hour or two with my bestfriend and re-connect after a crazy week. Some people go out for elaborate dinners, drinks, dancing, movies, plays, we typically keep it simple, with a bit of free time spent together at Revel Caffe. Simple fits in our crazy busy lives, movies and all that would be fun too I guess, but what we enjoy is just being together and chatting, uninterrupted by kiddies!! 🙂 The atmosphere at Revel is absolutely PERFECT for exact thing!! Thank you Anne and Dave for keeping the REVOLUTION alive!! 🙂

Revel's Savour Stratford WIndow Display

Here is a picture of Anne’s handiwork on the Revel window display for next weekends incredible Culinary Festival, Savour Stratford!!

Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival
awarded Ontario’s Best Culinary Experience
September 24 – 25

Celebrate Stratford’s creative food culture as culinary artists, international award-winning chefs and local artisan food producers at the Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival.

Spend the weekend roaming the heritage garden and Market Square district surrounded by outdoor farmers and artisan markets, free music in the park and illuminating tastings, talks and fun cooking for the kids – our festival is renowned as one of Ontario’s best!

We have lots for food lovers – from the gourmand to the gourmet with “Ribs in the Square” presented byBoss Hogs, the best Canadian BBQ Team, a rockin’ Saturday night “BBQ, Blues and Brews” party and our unique tented culinary garden party on Sunday afternoon, “Savour Stratford Tasting”, pairing 30 chefs and local producers with the finest VQA wines, craft brews and jazz.

Meet Chuck Hughes, Canadian winner of 2011 America’s Iron Chef; Connie DeSousa, Top Chef Canada finalist; Denis Cotter, award winning Irish celebrity Chef and Jennifer McLagan, author ofBones and Fat, as well as other culinary experts in over twenty events.

Check out our festival map and schedule.

Ahhhhhh – come sip, sample and savour Stratford.

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Coach says: Perfect Practice makes??


Coach Mike .... aka .... YEAH YEAH YEAH

The 2011, outdoor soccer season has almost come to an end, and it’s been a great season.  This past weekend the Waterloo Warriors U13 girls played two of their BEST games of soccer all season long, to earn themselves a spot in this coming weekends YOUTH CUP FINALS!!! The first game of the day on Saturday, the Warriors were faced with one of their nemesis teams from league play this season, Woolwich, out of three games played against them they had a win, a tie and a loss. So we knew that depending on “what team” showed up to play Saturday morning, would determine the outcome of the game. LOL!! Not that the girls don’t always try hard, but some games, the true WARRIORS show up, while others, they are sleepy Warriors or distracted Warriors!! Or simply 13 year old girls!! HA!!! Much to the dismay of the coaching staff and parents alike, however, they typically manage to come off the field laughing, in spite of anxious coaches or screaming parents!! So really, they have it figured out, it’s for the love of the game, the end result doesn’t matter quite as much to them. Thankfully, they also LOVE to win, so they do show up as WARRIORS more than not!! The true WARRIORS showed up to play the first game of the day (this is a knock out cup), you lose you go home!! They battled hard and scored first, which is typically unusual for them, however Woolwich managed to tie it up before half time!! Ugh, a scary game at this point, because no game ends in a tie, all games must have a WINNER. As the mother of a keeper, this is awful, especially when there are two keepers on the team, and guess who was going in net for the second half of the game!! Eeeksss … Danielle!! After a pep talk from the coaches at half time – the Warriors hit the field fighting right off the whistle in the 2nd half. They battled hard all the way to the final whistle, game ending in a 4-1 WIN for the WARRIORS!!


We had time to feed our players, re-hydrate them, watch another game, and then it was our turn to hit the field for the second game of the day. Still in complete DO OR DIE mode, the Warriors took the field against yet another nemesis from their league play, STRATFORD!!! We held the same record with them a win, a tie, and a loss, this was a MUST WIN situation.   For Danielle, this was the biggest game of the season for her, playing her old teammates, in the Cup Round. Let me set the stage for you, the Warriors had already played a game, because it’s a 7 team division, Stratford, received the “bye”, so this was their first game of the day. One would think that, this would give Stratford a slight upper hand, in the game situation, however, the WARRIORS truly took on their name and rose to the occasion. Emily, was in net for the first half of the game again, causing me, with my newly dyed hair to cover the gray, to sprout a few new grey hair’s because this now means, that Danielle, will be in net for the 2nd half of the game, with the possibility of overtime and penalty shots. Both teams battled extremely hard throughout the first half, which ended in a 0-0 tie!!!

I can’t lie, the knot in my stomach was getting bigger and bigger as each minute of the 2nd half remained scoreless. I started having flashbacks to last seasons Cup game (when Danielle still played for Stratford), they were playing Kitchener, and the game ended in a tie, went to overtime, ended in a tie again, and then went to penalty shots. They lost in the shoot out, with none of her team-mates offering her any condolences, a hug, nothing after the game was through. It was a hard game to watch, and I was dreading that the potential for a similar situation was brewing, with each passing minute of the scoreless 2nd half. The half came to an end, at a 0-0 tie again, now moving onto 2 – 10 minute overtime halves, NOT golden goal, meaning they had to play them out in their entirety. Again, ending in a 0-0 tie, so it was ONTO PENALTY shots!!! I am do NOT deal well with PK’s, actually, I start to cry as soon as I know it’s coming down to that!! LOL!! Yeah big tough me = MARSHMALLOW, when my baby is in the line of fire like that.

Danielle however, manages to somehow remain as cool as a cucumber, even though I like to call her Nervous Nellie, she gives off the appearance of 100% confidence. The Warriors took the first shot in the shoot out, GOAL!!!!! Now, it’s Stratford’s turn, Danielle takes her position, stares down her opponet, OVER THE NET!! Warriors up again, GOAL!!!! Stratford, WIDE MISSED THE NET!!! Warriors 3rd shooter, DANIELLE, I really wanted to run and hide at this point, typically a goalie doesn’t shoot at this age, but she has a great shot, GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle walks back to the net to set up for the 3rd shot, but before hand, reaches her hand out to the Stratford Keeper, and helps her up, gives her a pat on the back. TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP, I was NEVER so proud of my girl. The goal was beautiful, but the actions afterwards, were REMARKABLE!!! Not only did she give the keeper something to remember, she also proved to her old teammates, that she left for the love of the game, not for any hard feelings. She simply wanted to play better soccer and more of it, than what Stratford could offer. Stratford’s 3rd shot, WIDE OF THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of the Warriors played their hearts out on Saturday, they left it ALL on the pitch. It was beautiful soccer and how the game is supposed to be played. Coach Mike, took them all for ice cream after the game, I think actually he may have been more excited than the girls, if that is possible. He’s been a great coach all season long, pushing the girls to reach their highest potential, teaching them the LOVE OF THE GAME!!! It’s a beautiful game, this game of soccer, if you don’t love it, don’t play it, if you love it, play it hard!!!

Here are some of the pictures I took in the first game, yeah I was too nervous in the 2nd game to trust myself with the camera!! LOL!! 🙂

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Last Little Bird has Left the Nest

It was a sad day here in the Moore Household, Monday September 12,2011, marks the day, my last little bird spread her wings and flew off to Junior Kindergarten!! It was definitely a different walk home from the school this morning, with just myself and Peter, I asked him if I should take a picture of the empty sidewalk in front of us, or of his empty arms, to signify the empties of our surroundings for the day. I know I’m being melodramatic, but I still can’t believe that all my little babies are gone off to school now. Where does the time go??? Last week I thought the summer went by quickly, but today, I’m wondering where the HECK the last 4 years went??? It seems like only yesterday we were toilet training her .. and she’s so tiny still, heck her back pack is bigger than her!! 😦 But alas, it’s time to let her stretch her little wings and fly a little more each day. I missed her like crazy today, I didn’t really know what to do with myself all day. I managed to stay occupied, but UGH, I missed them all!! I was waiting at the school to pick them up at 3:10, because I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

It’s time for the traditional, BACK TO SCHOOL pictures 😉

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Dawning of a New School Year 2011-12

With the summer days now slipping away from us, especially with this blast of fall-like temperatures (I have faith that we will see a few more summer-like days), we have entered the next “season” of the year, School!!! For some parent’s this is a time for rejoicing, a return to structure, routine, less child-care cost, the list goes on and on. While for other parent’s it somewhat a dreaded time of year, gone are the days of spontaneous road trips, time spent at the park, lazy days at the beach, pj day’s, the return of battling over homework, or packing lunches. For me the last 2 are the big ones, and well simply, I enjoy spending time with my girls. I love snuggle time, park time, giggle time, no pressure, no routines all of that stuff. I like being the one in charge of our day to day activities, opposed to those put upon us at school. I KNOW I KNOW, they need to learn, they need to read and write, add and subtract, I get all that, really I do.

This is my 16 th year as a Back 2 School Mom, and I have to say that after the first 3 years, it got old very fast. LOL!! And to think I only have another, 15 years to go, if my youngest stays for a 5th year of high school!! **GASP** Let me give you a bit of a run down on what our school years have looked like so far!! HA, this is fun!!

  • 1998 Lacey started Senior Kindergarten (we skipped JK),
  • 2004 Lacey was in Grade 4, Danielle started Junior Kindergarten
  •   2007 Lacey was in Grade 9, Danielle was in Grade 4, Olivia started Junior Kindergarten
  • 2010 Lacey should have been Grade 12, Danielle was in Grade 7, Olivia in Grade 2, Mya started Junior Kindergarten
  • 2011 Lacey (working), Danielle IS in Grade 8, Olivia is IN Grade 3, Mya is IN Senior Kindergarten, Keisha is STARTING Junior Kindergarten
This year, 2011, is the ONLY year I will have all of my school age children in the same school. This is the last year, that Danielle, will be in school with any of her siblings. HA HA!! Yeah, life around the Moore household is ALWAYS interesting!!  I could technically be a grandmother before all of my children have graduated highschool!! **fainting now** LOL!! Actually, Peter and I have had many discussions about this, only to laugh hysterically, and shake our heads. When Lacey started school, I was the youngest Mom in her class, while with Keisha starting this year, I will likely be one of the oldest mom’s in the class, at a whooping 39!! LOL!!

School for us has always been a struggle, between school yard bullies, racism, ridiculous calls phone from teachers, planner signing, homework notes, threats of expulsion, irate teachers, I would gladly take summer for a little longer and a little less school. On the flip side to that coin though, there have been many positives as well, my girls can read and write, add and subtract, have made some friends, participated in school sports, plays, singing competitions, attended mass, they can speak a little french, know the provinces of Canada. But I have to be 100% honest and say, that I don’t know if the good outweighs the bad.

Beggars can’t be choosers though, is how the saying goes, and since we can’t financially afford to home-school our babies, we have to help them get through each day of school the best we can. The tricky part is the balance of it all, to balance out the school day and home life, so they can have a little of the best of both worlds. The focus on school vs. the focus on family-life, is not an easy thing to juggle. I strongly believe that after 7 hours of school (which is a child’s WORK day), when that final bell rings, work is over for them. Much the same as the adult world, we go to work for our allotted time frame, and we come home. YES YES, I realize A LOT of adults, bring work home, but is that what we want for our children, to create future workaholics?? Or do we want to foster and nurture well-rounded individuals??

Here is how I see it, each day during the school year, I send my girls off to work at 8:30 every morning, to return home from work at 3:30, by this time of the day, they are tired, cranky and hungry each and every one of them. From the 13 year old in Grade 8 to the 4 year old in Junior Kindergarten (or she will be after next Monday when she starts), they have had a full day of having information drilled into their heads. On top of all the learning they done, they have also had to deal with all the social moments of being a kid as well, some-days are better than others, some-days are smoother than others, and then there are the days that are just downright awful, which I think, we can all say we have been through with our children at some point or another. Why then, is it necessary to have homework on top of all of that??? I’ve heard all kinds of arguments for why homework is good for kids, it teaches them time management skills, responsibility, raises the expectation levels, blah blah blah.  However, what happened to family life, extra-curricular activities, or simply just some “down-time”?

Here is an example, last night (first day of school), my 13 year old had over an hour of math homework, I will admit, some of that time was spent chatting about the day, fighting with her sisters, and then simply struggling with the work. Our standard rule is homework is done as soon as you get home, get a snack, and get at it, that way it’s done and you are left with some free time.   But when the homework cuts into any reasonable amount of free time, where is the balance?? That hour plus of homework, delayed dinner, postponed a continued game a Disney Monopoly with her sisters and dad, caused fighting and tears for more than one member of the family, delayed some around the house work that was going to be done as a group, plus, that same 13 year old is calling herself stupid, because she doesn’t know how to do the work. And this is a good thing??? Where is the balance?? As a parent, trying to teach my girls, simple life lessons on a daily basis, how does this fit in?? It doesn’t really, other than, sometimes things aren’t fair and yeah sometimes it sucks. That’s not particularly the message I want to be teaching my girls on a daily basis.

The homework load was only about 30 minutes tonight, however, it didn’t get started until 9:30 at night, which means she’s going to bed a little too late. Family time needed to come first tonight, big sister was coming for dinner, we needed to tidy, prepare dinner, and visit!! These things are IMPORTANT. So where’s the balance???? I have already written in her planner for tomorrow, letting her teacher know that she has a soccer game, in Guelph, that we are leaving at 4pm not to be home until after 10pm, and that any assigned homework, will likely not be done. Because in MY opinion, for my children, having a life outside of school is just as important as going to school. All of these things, will help to round them into exceptional adults, and useful members of society.  The key to all of it is B-A-L-A-N-C-E!!  

Back to school pictures will have to wait for another day …. it’s time for this un-balanced chicka to get to bed!!



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Labour Day Weekend 2011 – Final Chapter

Let’s do a quick recap – Friday – worked a split shift. Saturday – spent the day in Toronto with Peter’s brother and wife and our darling little niece, Zara!!! Swimming, birthday presents, and alot of food!! 🙂 Really that is what every day should be like 😉 Oh yeah and dealing with thunderstorms and wicked rain!! EEKS!!

Traditionally, the Sunday of the long weekend, we take the girls to the Drive In, as our end of the summer family night, however, Mother Nature had other plans for us this year, and it rained and was miserable all day! Here is a picture of last years drive-in, Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore is what we saw. Yeah bit of a freak like that I actually remember the movie!! LOL!!

Labour Day Weekend 2010 Drive In

It’s kind of neat to see the changes in the girls in this picture compared to now 😉 Here is a picture of our first trip to the drive in this summer, which was quite early in the season, before school was out, we went to see RIO, and DIARY of a Wimpy Kid 2!! Both great movies!! 🙂

1st Drive In Night of 2011 Season!!

Since Mother Nature decided it wasn’t our time to go to the Drive In, we stayed home and rented movies instead!! Scooby Do, and Marley & Me, the Puppy Years (the second movie), the girls watched them both repeatedly Sunday and Monday lol, so they must have been good !! As my previous blog entry said, I spent the better part of Sunday scrappin’ which was great, because I haven’t actually done it in a long time … too long actually. Dinner Sunday night was BBQ’d Steak, baked potatoes, green beans, zucchini with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes!! Everything but the steak was purchased locally at the Slow Food Market on Sunday. It’s INCREDIBLE, the difference local fresh food makes in the taste!! Mmm mmm good!!

Sunday Dinner

Sunday I was able to have my “ME” time, starting with a trip to Market, and then onto Revel Caffe, for a little alone time, and LOTS of coffee!! LOL!! 🙂 I spent some time there editing pictures for scrapping with, writing on my blog, and reading the twitter feed. It’s incredible really, in the past month all of the interesting piece of information that I have learned because of twitter!! LOL!! Some people say it’s useless, I think it’s worth the time I spend on it each day. It’s definitely opened my eyes up to the world around me, and on different issues. I am actually starting to feel as though I am using my brain again, instead of just existing, learning a little, growing a little, changing a little all good things. While I go to market on Sunday’s, Peter still goes and does the grocery shopping, God Bless him, and then once they are all put away, he comes to meet me for a coffee as well, and then we head home for lunch with the girls.

Monday – was a sad day, the LAST day of summer vacation and the weather was HORRIBLE!!! Ugh, definitely gave us all a little insight that fall is definitely on our doorstep that’s for sure. To brighten everyone’s morning though I made some super yummy french toast with  Alan Mailloux’s incredible Sour Cherry Chocolate Sour Dough bread …. OMGOODNESSSSSS!!!!! Alan, owns and operates Downie Street Bake House in Stratford, and I may literally have to put a restraining order on MYSELF, from going there and buying bread, because it’s just toooo good!! 🙂 The girls are in love with the fancy french toast(s) I am serving these days with Alan’s bread! Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but I do have a picture of the loaf before I cut it up!!

Sour Cherry Chocolate Sour Dough

Is that not the MOST delightful sight you have ever seen??? Then it was onto Danielle and Olivia preparing their school supplies for the first day of school, while Mya and Keisha spent the better part of the day, playing LaLaLoopsy — which is some sort of little doll type things!! All in all it was a great day, a great summer, a wonderful last holiday weekend!! We also had soccer on Monday, but it’s too late to get into that post right now ….

Until next time!!


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Labour Day Part 2 – Scrapping Moments

Quick post … just to show off my three newest layouts I managed to scrap since last night!! Feels sooo good to scrap again!! Now to get all my pictures back and digi files. Slowly rebuilding!!! It’s been MONTHS since I have scrapped due to no software, no digifiles, and no time. HA, but with school starting again and soccer coming to a dull-er roar, I will have a little more time. Without further ado, here are the goods!! 🙂

DIY: Instagram Notes by Biograffiti

The image is FULLY linked to Biograffiti’s Store at Oscraps!! And the best BEST BEST part of this little goodie …. it’s 100% FREE!!! I am loving this little template, seeing as I’m truly addicted to my iPhone4 and the instagram app, but it can be used for any images!! Here is what I created with the template!!

Family Reunion

DIY: Instagram Notes
by Biograffiti
Background and Flowers:
janie & june
by one little bird
by three paper peonies

All sold at Oscraps

Next up is

A Day in the Life by three paper peonies

It knew it was going to be a great day

My darling Mya playing in the sand at the beach this summer!! Smile
Everything from:
A DAY IN THE LIFE papers & elements
by three paper peonies
[ link ]
Sold at Oscraps

And one last one!! 🙂

Timeline by three paper peonies

June 26

My 13 year old Danielle and her teammate Sarah celebrating their birthdays

together at a tournament in Kalamazoo Michigan this summer!!
everything from
TIMELINE papers & elements
by three paper peonies
[ link ]
Sold at Oscraps

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Labour Day Weekend 2011 Part One

The last holiday weekend of the summer is upon us, and I have to say I’m so sad to see it arrive. I’m not ready for the summer holidays to be over, for the girls to go back to school, for my little teeny, tiny, Keisha to start school. We’ve had such a fun-filled summer, but there is always more that can be done, more fun to be had. However, this isn’t the case and we must send the babies back to school. Back to structured days, homework, packing lunches, earlier bedtimes, much earlier mornings!! Ugh!!

We have tried to pack a few more memories into the 2011 Summer Memories Vault with the girls this weekend, starting with Friday night swimming with Daddy at the Lions Pool. Where Keisha decided to finally put her sweet little face into the water and blow bubbles, plugged her nose and just had fun with it. I was at work but really wish I could have been there to snap the odd picture of her newest milestone!! I did however, have a chance in between shifts to do my normal Friday errands, with a stop at Downie Street Bake House, for our Raisin Cinnamon bread. Actually, I also picked up 2 loaves of Twist & Shout, another Raisin Bread, Foccacia (with black olives, sun-dried tomato and cheese), and a Stratford Sourdough, which honestly is almost too pretty to eat!! 🙂 All for the staff at the diner!! 🙂 I have them all hooked now too!!

Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to head off to Toronto for the weekend to spend some much needed quality time with family. The girls were over-the-top thrilled to spend the day with their little cousin Zara, Auntie Anna-Lyn and Uncle Drew!! Life often gets in the way of us visiting each other very often, which makes each visit very special. It was quite the road trip, with a stop at Revel Caffe for a couple of Americano’s, a stop at Your Local Market Co-Op, for a basket full of goodies, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines (SO DELICOUS), roasted pepper hummus, salsa, melon, and tabbouleh to bring for lunch in Toronto!! Next it was off to Kitchener … for a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a “treat” breakfast at McDonald’s for the girls … and shopping for a birthday gift for Zara!! Then it was 401 Eastbound to Toronto, traffic was light, the sun was shining, the air in the van was working well (Thank God, cause it was wickedly humid), and we were there in NO TIME !! It was actually perfect timing, for the plans of the day, as we were taking the kids for a swim at the Rotary Pool, which was awesome!! A community pool, divided into sections, and it was FREE, and only minutes away from the other Moore Clan’s house!! The girls had great fun in the pool, I wanted to get more pictures, but it’s highly frowned upon so I only managed to snap a couple 😦

Keisha in the Pool

Zara getting changed after the swim

Zara giving me the "LOOK:

After the swim it was back to Auntie’s house for lunch. OMGOODNESS!!! I ATE toooo much yesterday!! LOL!! Homemade Turkey Sliders, which were ridiculously tasty … Anna-Lyn’s special recipe so tasty. Accompanied by all the fresh fruit I brought and the dips, some nachos, so delicious!! The girls played and played, then did presents, blew bubbles, played more, had dinner. Again TOO MUCH FOOD!! HA!! BBQ’d steaks, baked potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, fruit, dips, pork rolls filled with asparagus and swiss cheese!! Followed with some delicious Vegan Cupcakes!!! What a great day!!

Like every day though it had to come to an end, poor little Zara was NOT happy about us leaving, so very sad to watch her cry like that, but she did have fun riding her bike to say good-bye. The drive home was eventful with the twitter feed full of thunderstorm watches and warnings!! EEKS!!! But we made it home safe and sound!!

Ok, going to post this now … stay tuned for more Labour Day Weekend 2011, tomorrow



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Shoes & Food

It’s done, complete, finished, back to school shopping 2011, is officially OVER, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. I braved the mall today with all 4 of my lovelies in tow alone, slightly afraid, but we all survived. My girls, spend the majority of the summer in crocs, barefeet or soccer cleats so today’s shopping adventure was desperately needed. Keisha was down to one pair of crocs – however they are two different colors, one is pink and the other is red. HA, yeah that’s how we roll at the Moore House **rolling eyes now**. Now I don’t know about other families, but back to school shoe shopping for us is a major undertaking, because it means bringing 8 new pairs of shoes into the house. I think we could honestly set up a small shoe store, if it wasn’t for the fact that most would be mismatched and or slightly chewed by one of the two furbabies. So, at this point in the girls life, most of them don’t get expensive shoes. Summer shoes, are bought at the dollar store or Giant Tiger for the little ones, because they are just too hard on stuff right now, to spend any real money on shoes. Ok, seriously, enough shoe-babble! Here is a picture of the newest members of the collection though 😉

Newest Additions to the Ever-Growing Shoe Collection at the Moore House

Actually we made our well, everyone was even happy with their selections. Which is a minor miracle in and of itself!! LOL!! 🙂 Everyone now has indoor and outdoor shoes for the year. Some light up, some slip on, there is velcro and pink, brown and sparkles and laces, a shoe lovers dream. The cool part, all 8 pairs only cost $168 and change, at least 4 pairs were on sale, and then because Payless has my email address on file, we received an additional 15% off. SAWEET!!!!

Other than shoe shopping it was a pretty low key day!! 🙂 I made my daily visits to Revel and Your Local Market Co-Op, for fuel in the form of Americano’s and a treat of a Coconut Latte!! OMGOODNESS SOOOO YUMMY!!! And then to market for havarti, mushrooms, red onion, and bread. Tonight’s dinner for the girls was a mixture of shapes and sizes all cut up on a platter for them to eat at will what they wanted!! They LOVE dinners like this and typically eat a whole lot more because of it 😉 A little food-ography of tonight’s dinner selection!!

Sept 1, 2011 Dinner

We have boneless skinless chicken breast sliced, cucumbers, Havarti cheese flowers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, hummus, apple slices, green grape quarters, raisin bread flower and whole wheat toast flowers!! Now if I could only get some baking done …. things would actually be on track!! HA!!



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