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Don’t Quit

The choice is your to make …

today I choose to CONTINUE …

even when it’s tough!!

I KNOW it will be harder if I quit now!!


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Body by Vi vs. Weight Watchers

A review of two diet plans that are available to consumers. One popular diet plan is Weight Watchers. This article will address the 5 reasons why Visalus Siences Body By Vi is superior to Weight Watchers.

Before we continue you should know that the vi-shake is backed with medical and scientific research. And all the Body By Vi Recipes taste great.

1. Choosing foods based on low points instead of nutritional value.

Weight Watchers has implemented a point system for it’s members. Each food is assigned points based on the calories, carbs, fat and fiber present in the food. A person is assigned the allowed number of points for their body weight. The company has attempted to make it easy for people to lose weight. Unfortunately what they have done is to create a group of people who choose foods not on nutritional value but on points.

When nutrition is simplified, as in the points system, foods lose their purpose for the body and are not compared based on their benefit for the body. A hearty multi-grain bread is passed up for a white bread because it allows for more points that day is just one example of this faulty logic.

The Visalus Sciences Body By Vi shakes have been created by leading scientists and doctors in the medical community such as Dr. Michael D. Seidman, M.D. who understand the importance of nutrient dense foods. Body By Vi products steps in where Weight Watchers falls short.

Losing weight is about more than low calories or “points” it is about making sure those calories are coming from high nutrition which is crucial for biological processes.

2. Sodium

Sodium is necessary for many biological processes but in excess, it can wreak havoc on the body producing high blood pressure, stroke and many other serious consequences. Losing weight is also affected by sodium. High amounts of sodium cause the body to retain water which can give a person that bloated look.

Weight Watchers has attempted to make healthy eating simple for our fast paced society with the introduction of frozen foods. Weight Watchers even calculates the point value in each meal making it easy for those on the point plan to eat healthy…. or so people think. These meals are actually salt shakers in a box. Frozen meals are notorious for high sodium content and Weight Watchers frozen meals are no different.

These are just a few meals with their sodium content.

*chicken enchiladas 640 mg *pasta with ricotta and spinach 630 mg *Salisbury steak 900mg

Let’s say that Jon is on Weight Watchers and he is committed to losing weight. He brings pasta with ricotta and spinach to lunch at work and for dinner has the Salisbury steak. Well in just those two meals, Jon has consumed over 1,500 mg of sodium.

The guidelines for sodium intake are around 2,300 mg daily, but drop to 1,500 mg per day if you are over 51, have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney issues.

If Jon in our example is over 51, he is in trouble with his current eating plan. He thinks he’s being healthy based on points when he is in fact headed for trouble.

The Body By Vi Products are just as convenient with only 75mg of sodium. So Jon has taken 1,500 mg of sodium in only 2 meals with Weight Watchers and when he switches to the Body By Vi Shakes and makes a creamy blend with milk, fruit and ice he is only taking in 410 mg of sodium.

3. Binge on Nutrient deficient foods

When focusing on points of a food it does not teach proper nutrition. A person who has an allotment of 20 points for the day could eat 20 points worth of brownies.

Now I would hope that no one would do this but I have seen countless people on Weight Watchers who do not eat their entire meal or skip lunch to “save up” for that death by chocolate cake later on in the day.

Body By Vi takes this point calculation and turns it into sensible eating with nutrient rich shakes. There is no saving up points. When you skip meals or eat less calories at one meal to binge on the next your metabolism slows down. Our bodies are built for survival.

When you are feeding your body sufficient nutrients frequently, it processes them and gets rid of them because it knows it has more coming soon. When you eat less frequently it tends to hold on to these calories as it goes into survival mode. The body does not know when it will get more nutrients so it stores them as fat to use as fuel in case calories are not available later on. This goes back to the survival mode of the body and is detrimental to weight loss.

With the Body By Vi Shakes you are able to consume high quality nutrition which is required for the body and this prevents the body from going into survival mode. Like an oil change for your car, Body By Vi products help your body to run in tip top shape.

4. Financial Obligation

Weight Watchers and Body By Vi both understand the importance of support and encourage those looking to lose weight to have others join them in their journey.

Let’s say that Sandy joins Weight Watchers and attends a meeting. She learns the power of support and in the next week has her mother, sister and best friend join the weight loss program with her. Well this is great for Weight Watchers who receive more clients but what does Sandy get from the company? That’s right nothing.

Sandy decides to join Body By Vi instead and learns about the power of support from others in achieving her weight loss goals. Her mother, sister and best friend also join Body By Vi with her.

What does Body By Vi give Sandy? Her weight loss kit and shake for free each and every month! As a thank you from the company she is now losing weight for FREE.

5. Who is behind Body By Vi?

So who is behind the Body By Vi products anyway?

Dr. Michael D. Seidman and Steven A. Witherley are two of the main people behind these amazing products.

Dr. Michael D. Seidman M.D. attained a degree in human nutrition as well as his M.D. He is an active scientist as well as consultant for many professional athletes and is an adviser for the NHL,NFL,MLM, and NBA.

Steven A. Witherley, Ph.D is a leading expert in the field of food science, nutrition and product formulation with a Ph.D in human nutrition, M.S in food science and B.s. in nutrition and dietetics. He is a published author and speaker on the science of food.

It is great knowing that a product I recommend to others is backed by science and medicine.

I’m sure you can see the power in Body By Vi. But for those of you who would like to continue counting points the Body By Vi Shake has only 2 points!

Body By Vi vs Weight Watchers:… YOU decide!

Contact me today to get started

http://www.alivein90.bodybyvi.com or 519-301-2988


A Goal vs A Wish


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Pictures Don’t Lie

As most of you know, Peter and I have just finished our 1st, 90 day challenge with Body by Vi!! Our challenge journey started Tuesday October 11, 2011 and finished January 8, 2012!! What a wild and crazy ride it was, I can’t believe the changes in our life, in 90 days. Truly incredible really, to change one’s life in the course of a single 90 day period. We started this journey with some friends, because as with anything in life, working as a team makes everything that much more enjoyable. As a team of 4, we set out to change our health, lives and prosperity. Together we stood as one to fight the war on OBESITY, to change our lives, and be an example to those around us. As a team, we are slowly but surely winning that challenge!!

I know in the past, I have made deals with myself to try to lose the weight, go to the gym, I know how to eat healthy, what to eat more of and what to avoid. But did I do it??? Not really, I would try, I would make an attempt, I would have the best intentions, but I would fail time and time again. I tried, pills, supplements, weight watchers, Herbal Magic, SlimFast, Apple Cider pills, protein powders, portion control, high protein diets, low carb diets, talked to my doctor too, took appetite suppressants, Beverly Hills Weight Loss, exercise you name it, aside from surgery I tried it. So, what was missing?? The lack of willpower?? No I don’t think so, I have been clean and sober for almost 17 years, I know about willpower, and avoiding things that will hurt me, I know how to take control of my cravings and my life, but why did nothing else work?

Well, there are a couple of reasons, the first being, it obviously wasn’t time for me to get serious, I needed to hit a certain breaking point before I could really make the decision to get healthy. Much the same as the alcoholic, who before they can truly get clean and sober, must hit rock bottom. What is rock bottom?? What does it look like?? Well, for me, in this particular journey, it was staring at me every day in my bathroom mirror, this face, my face, getting puffier and puffier, my arms getting bigger, my waist increasing, the lack of desire to look at myself in the mirror. There were other signs too, lack of energy, lack of ambition, lack of desire, negativity the list goes on and on. Many of you have experienced that same things. The other reason, why nothing else worked, was actually quite simple,  it didn’t fit into my lifestyle. Excuse?? Possibly, but that’s the reality, dieting just didn’t fit into my lifestyle. I am also a LOVER of food, good food, rich food, sweet food, salty food, shit I’m in the food industry, I cook for a living, how do you not eat it?? Sample?? Indulge? But the bottom line is I LOVE FOOD, I don’t believe I am a food addict, as I had traveled that train of thought for a period of time.

What’s different this time?? The product, yes, the company, yes, me – MOST DEFINITELY , I WANT IT NOW!!! I don’t want to die before all my girls are grown and married, with babies, I want to see grandbabies, and great-grandbabies, but I definitely was NOT going to get there doing the things I was doing. So, when OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS …. eventually YOU TAKE IT and RUN!! Which is EXACTLY what Peter and I have done. We saw the opportunity to change our lives FOREVER, to get healthy, to teach our kids to be healthy, to love life, and honestly FALL IN LOVE with each other all over again. Does this sound like a line to you?? It possibly does, because it’s definitely a different side of Krista, than most of you are used to seeing, but this is ME, I want to live, today I CHOOSE LIFE!!! I truly can’t see myself stopping until I have reached all my goals, all of my goals, to improve my HEALTH, LIFE and PROSPERITY!! And I AM loving every minute of it. Does that mean I don’t falter from time to time … heck ya I’m human, I’m not a robot, but today, instead of letting it get me down, I just brush off the dirt and get back on the ride of a lifetime. I have a picture in my mind today of what a year from now looks like … and it is so different from what I see in front of me today!! I’m excited, and I wish I could share even a portion of my excitement with each and every one of you.

I am not on a diet, I’m on a total lifestyle change, body mind and spirit. Am I losing weight and inches, HELL YA I am, but it is so much more than that. Its about living life to the fullest, about changing the old records that are out of date and taking up way too much space in my mind, it’s about letting my spirit and trusting in a God, much greater than me, to lead me. Today I can look at myself in the  mirror, and see the beginning of the person I WANT TO BE, —- ME!! Today, I am taking control of my life, and changing it in a way that wasn’t possibly 99 days ago, it wasn’t even on my radar of possibilities!! AMAZING!!!! One simple challenge – has changed my life FOREVER. Changed the way I look at the world, the people I meet everything, and I can promise you this, it’s a change I wasn’t really even looking for, an opportunity that I didn’t really think was possible. BUT there came a KNOCK and I answered!!! I wasn’t looking for a sign … but I FOUND ONE!!!

Here is a visual image for you … of what a lifestyle change looks like …

This is just the beginning … the BEST is yet to come!! I want to invite each and every one of you reading this to join me today, in this journey, of LIFE HEALTH and PROSPERITY. What do you have to lose???

Peace and Blessings





25 Million Reasons WHY!!!

WOW!! What a day!! AMAZING!! Today was the WORLD’S LARGEST RESOLUTION RALLY with Body by Vi, ViSalus Sciences. I loaded up the “party” bus and headed to Kitchener with 5 other ladies to learn more about the NUMBER #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America!! We sampled some PRO (energy drink, my favorite drink aside from Coffee) some yummy Vi-Shakes, watched 3 different video’s from the CEO and Co-Founders of ViSalus, Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen!!! INCREDIBLY inspirational!!! WOW!!! Then we listened to testimonies of people that have had their health, lives and prosperity forever changed by ViSalus!! Inspiration was a plenty today!! I am so excited to be promoting this challenge and living the Vi-Life!!

More Challenge Prizes!

Over $25 MILLION in 2012

We were blown away by our 2011 numbers! Over 3,000 NEW people joined every day, making Body by Vi™ the #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America! With stats continuing to skyrocket and so many Promoters now receiving FREE Challenge Kits each month—ViSalus™ is thrilled to announce over $25 MILLION in product, prizes, and dream vacations will be given away this year!

Welcome the FIT KIT! 

Take Your Athletic Performance to the Next Level

The NEW Fit Kit is the perfect ammo for your athletic arsenal! Fuel your body for ultimate performance with nutrients to burn fat, boost endurance, speed up recovery, and pack on lean muscle mass. This Kit is for high-octane lifestyles and any athlete looking to up their game!!


2x Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake Mix
2x Health Flavor Mix-In Variety Pack

2x GO Instant Energy 

2x PRO Prolonged Energy

30 Nutra Cookies
All fit kit orders placed in the month of January will get a complete box of all 3 Nutra Cookie flavors AND special bonus workout videos from some of our Body by Vi “Fitness Celebrities” like Hulk Hogan, Romeo Miller, Jenny Lynn & Lindsay Messina.
Also, on Newstands in January our own Magazine!!!
Again I ask YOU…
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Peter and I started the Body By Vi, 90 Day Challenge, 87 days ago, the Tuesday after Canadian Thanksgiving, and we honestly haven’t looked back since. I would love to be able to say that we haven’t “swayed” from the challenge from time to time, but well I would be lying, seeing as we just came through the Christmas season!! But having the shakes around during the holidays definitely made some decisions easier that’s for sure!!

Actually, that’s the thing I love the most about the challenge (other than the results), is the simplicity of it. Peter and I are crazy busy parents of 4 girls at home, one away from home, the girls are all soccer players, etc, we are on the move all the time, and the challenge has allowed us to STOP the INSANITY of the Drive Thru windows!!! We just make a shake and away we go 🙂 So simple, tasty and FREE!!!

Since the start of the challenge, I have lost a total of 25.4 pounds and 15 inches, and Peter has lost 16.6 pounds and 16 inches, for a combined total of 42 pounds and 31 inches!!! WHAT A FEELING!!!! I have lost 2 and a half – 10 pound bags of potatoes, do you have ANY idea how good I feel??? How much energy I have??? It’s ridiculous really, just from changing a couple of habits and I feel amazing!! I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE!!! I’m actually excited to get started on my next one 😉 This has been a total lifestyle change for us, it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. I simply can not feed myself the same amount of nutrients in the course of a day as I can by drinking my shakes!! I can’t wait until next week at the end of this first challenge to post our BEFORE and AFTER photos!!!

I have a question for you all …


SET your weight loss or fitness goals

SELECT  your Challenge Kit

SHARE your results


ViSalus is committed to championing Life, Health and Prosperity around the world

– supporting people to achieve whatever personal victories they set their mind to.


Being healthy is a right everyone should have. Lack of information, fear, or financial limitations should never prevent someone from making their health a priority.
We are the original 90 day challenge.

Blake Mallen
ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer


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Single Mom to Ambassador

This is Denise Wolsey!!

She ran with her Visalus business as a single mother of 2 and let nothing stand

in her way to achieve the rank of ambassador!

This could be ANY ONE OF YOU!!! Congrats Denise!! 🙂

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It’s about QUALITY not Quantity

Information provided from Audrey Sommerfeld, Senior Vice-President of Marketing with ViSalus Sciences regarding the protein blend in the Shake Mix.

When Dr. Witherly and I created the shake, we wanted to create the perfect ‘meal’ to help people build and maintain lean muscle, burn fat, and feel healthier.   The Tri-Sorb protein blend is a unique blend of highly absorbable proteins. First we use non-GMO soy that has been processed to remove isoflavones that can impact estrogen. Why soy? It is a complete protein, easily digested, and adequate consumption can help the body reduce cholesterol and c-reactive protein. Studies show that soy can build lean muscle as good, and in some studies better than whey proteins.   We then use a whey concentrate, and the newest technology in whey hydrolysate. This is the most concentrated and ‘clean’ protein on the market today, and is very expensive. The key reason is it builds lean muscle. The FDA allows it to be called a ‘fat loss accelerant’ as a result..the only protein that can use that claim. Our proteins have been specially processed to remove fat, lactose, and carbs.   We add in the Aminogen, a patented and clinically tested amino acid to aide protein absorption. Many body builders buy this product in nutrition stores to aid their body. We include it.   The key is that not all proteins are created equal. If you read the nutritional labels, some will use gelatin to ‘spike’ the grams of protein. Gelatin is great for skin and hair, but not so good at building muscle. Some use milk powder or milk protein. Great for bone health, but not so good at building lean muscle. Some use whey, which is ok, but only about 75-80% absorbed. So with ours, it’s quality, not quantity…and we absorb more because of our blend.


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