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Moore’s Canadian Thanksgiving Adventure 2011

Good morning!! Yes it’s extremely early, actually I have been up for quite a while already, too much spinning in my brain I guess this morning to sleep!! It’s going to be a beautiful day though, I don’t want to miss any of it!! We have been blessed with some incredible weather this week here in Stratford. Definitely doesn’t feel like October!! LOVE IT!!

Today we are off to Toronto to spend the day with Auntie Anna-Lyn, Uncle Drew and Baby Zara (who really isn’t a baby anymore seeing as she’s 2 – but she will always be Baby Zara to us). But before we hit the road, I need to get some of my shopping done for the weekend!!

Since I’m up and somewhat coherent this early on a Saturday morning I thought I would check out the Saturday Morning Farmers Market – need some veggies and fruit for our road trip.

I’m super excited for the next “stop” on my list of errands for today to Downie Street Bake House, for some Sunflower Bran Bread and Twist & Shout. Barb and Alan have been jet setting around the globe since the Savour Stratford Weekend, in Paris, a much deserved vacation, but they have definitely been missed in my house!! Well, Barb and Alan have never actually been to my house LOL, but their incredible bread has been!! Yeah ok a little “flighty” this morning, geesh it’s early!!

The next stop will be at Your Local Market Co-Op, to pick up some wonderful fabulous custom ordered brownies from the bakery extraordinaire, Katelyn Vere!! Auntie Anna-Lyn, has some food tolerances that make baking a little difficult from time to time, so on one of my many stops to the YLMC, I spoke with Katelyn about some “options”. Auntie AL, can’t have wheat, dairy or soy, so almost vegan, not by choice but for health reasons, if she avoids these three things, she’s not trying to scratch her hands off!! So Katelyn, is making us some Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free brownies for out Thanksgiving Feast in Toronto today!! I also learned this week, that an Avocado, is a baking substitute for soy or butter — HOW COOL IS THAT???

My fourth and final stop before hitting the wide open road will be to Revel Caffe, for a little quiet time. I haven’t had a ton of time to spend at my favorite little caffe this week, so I’m looking forward to some Me Time!!

Be sure to stay tuned for the continuing story of the Moore’s Canadian Thanksgiving Adventure, I’m sure there will be many pictures to follow!!

Today I am thankful for ….

Local producers, local business, coffee,

my family and friends!!


Cat Told me too!!

LOL!! 🙂 It’s been sooo long since I have updated my blog. Sorry ladies!! My good friend Kitty Cat Designs, decided to light a fire under my butt today and get my blog updated!! So here I am!! 🙂 Also as a little reminder to all you scrappers out there, Kitty Cat Designs, are all S4H user friendly!!!! WOOT!! Thanks Cat!! Love you girl!! While we are on that note – I should share with you the exciting new adventure that I have started!! I have finally taken the step, the chance, the risk, the jump, the leap – yeah ok so you go the point, and am starting my own S4H business!! Ohhh, my Lord, the stress of setting it up might kill me, but I’m really excited to be able to share my love for digital scrapbooking with others. I have been looking for a couple of years of a home business that I would love, could generate some extra money, and LOL, justify the amount of time I spend on the computer!! LOL!! Check out my site here!! www.freelancememories.com

I also want to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving pictures!! 🙂


We had a glorious weekend here, this past weekend, alot to be thankful for that’s for sure.

But there is nothing better than good friends, good food and happy times!!